30 January, 2011

Big different condition

Hi top bander! This morning here, big different condition compare to yesterday.

Most different, SSN is growing up to 27. Yesterday was "0". So very good low band condition. However, today is no good. very noisy on the band and DX signal is not so strong.

Some U zone was strong, but the band is very heavy QRM with one way path. So many time call to DX station. However, he still CQ test.

Last midnight, I watched TV program. That was soccer game of asian cup final. Until 3:00 oclock, I watched. It was very excited game. Finaly Japan team was win.

After watched TV program, I checked top band sistuation. however, I already wrote condition. Until 2200Z, I turn off my IC-7700. Stoped operation.

I have a slight cold this morning. I need to recharge my batteries.

29 January, 2011

Good open

This morning here, WW160m contest before 2hour I started operation on 160m band. SSN is "0" , good for low band conditon. Already many station QRV on the band.
I sweeped on the band low edge to heigh edge. First impretion today, good for middle east area. Most strongest signal is A73A. unbilivable signal strings. As same as asian near zone(China, Korea,Taiwan). So big pile up. I not yet QSO for A7, so I call to him about 20 minits. I got it.
Other HZ1FS was on aired. Just started very big pile up. Europeian station and JA each stations call to HZ. On freq, almost no conferm return. HZ was good operation, about inform to split freq UP3. Big pile moved Up 3KHz. I show pile up status on my IC-7700 band scope. Veru big mountan.There oqupaied few KHz. Before used freq stations, maybe confuse, what start happen!
I will pleased here tomorrow morning.

So evryone, FB Contest

28 January, 2011

Befor WW160

This morning, I checked 160m band. Because this weekend will start WW 160m cotest. How the band condition ?
Acutaly, befor contest day. Many DX station is QRV that check equipment system and antenna systems, maybe.
This morning I heard DX stations as follows.
  Each stations signal was good. 5B4AJC was really 599 signal strings.
Recently, 4L5O was very active on top band.  Lot of JA stations called him, however not enough contact him. This morning, 4L/UT5EO was on aired. And he was pick up some JA stations. So lot of JA stations started call of listend that QSO. It start big pileup.
I heard band codition of today. If as same as condition on WW160m contest. I will be able to enjoy on the contest. I will be pleased.

24 January, 2011


This morning, different yesterday morning. Yesterday morning, many DX station was QRV so big pileup had on the band.
However, today just only noise. Out of JA band. VK3PA was QRV with some European stations.
In JA band, T88RX was QRV on 1824 at 1930Z. But almost JA stations QSO for him. So little bit stations only call to him.
Anyway, the band condition is down today.

23 January, 2011

Still good

This morning here, still good condition on top band. 4L5O was QRV on 1824,so many many JA station called him. However, his received system is no good or QRM or QRN. So almost one way path. Very big pile up but litlle bit return to call from 4L5O. Ofcause I didn't call him.

Other I heard RW5KW, BU2AQ, RZ4FB, IV3PRK, S52AAM, S57DX, and some HL stations. I called few stations. But tthis morning I was contacted to IV3PRK only.

I understand, condition is good however can not contact. Most important, receive and transmit system's balance.

Recently, almost no hear DX signal, but this weekend I was pleased. I wish to next weekend for 160m DX contest.

22 January, 2011

After a long time

This morning, here is very quaiet morning. no wind. In this year, every weekend was blowed strong wind. and bad condition.

So recently no operate on 160m. However, today very good condition.many DX stations signal copied. almost European stations.


IV3PRK is very good signal until sunrise after 45min. But can not contact him.

I wish to next weekend on 160m contest.

18 January, 2011

VK9X last night

Here was last night on 160m. VK9XO on 160m. Some ja called him. However no return.
I never hear his signal. There also no good condition maybe. Many many stations called. But no return. Why? Noise level is very high snd our signal very weak. It can difficult contact for each case.

However, that direction for my weak point.  When I can hear that?

15 January, 2011

VK9X is start operation

Yesterday on high band. VK9X was started of JA operaters. In this morning here. As same as 2130Z on 1819. VK9XXY was on aired that many JA station call tohim. However, a little bit return to answer.
Maybe there are many tropical noise,so difficalt copy our signal. And this time, there has not liner amp. Only bear foot operation. So Good ear has, no problem, however normal ear has, maybe difficalt copy his signal.
I have poor ear, ofcause this morning no copied. The first I wish to hear his signal.

11 January, 2011


This morning, here is very quaiet morning. No wind. 2days very strong wind blowed, I can not operate all band. But this morning can operate.

However, the all band condition was no good. On 160m, noise level is high. Today also A92IO on 1827.5 QSX 1815. Many JA station call to him, but nobody no return. I not hear his signal. I checked that JA called freq.

On 1822 DU1/K3LP calling CQ alone. Almost stayion call to A9,so DU1/K3LP
was still CQ. I call to him and QSO. On 160m QSO was after long time.

Other two HL station was actived. Usually Calling CQDX. Last year BU2AQ was very actived, however this year HL station is more active.

09 January, 2011

Worst weather

Yesterday started bad weather. This morning worst one. I can not crank up my tower.
Still blowing strong wind. The wind was blowing at 15m/s. The maximum instantaneous wind velocity was 21m/s. As same as typhone.
today nothing operation.

08 January, 2011


Today I have free time,so I adjustment for home brew preselector. It is two pole preselector. Antenna be able to select 2 antennas. Antenna 2 can use the small loop antenna. It is not enough sencivity, so antenna 2 add 2sk125 GG pre amp.
This preselector band width is about 20Khz for -6dB, If very noise condition that into this one. the noise flore to down. Very good it.

05 January, 2011

Noise level

Here at 2nd-JAN. The band was low noise level that can copy lot of DX signals.
I can QSO for DX stations that day. However, after 2nd Jan, noise level to high.
Almost DX signal under noise, I can not copy. If I can copy it, that near asian stations.
Recently, SSN was growed over 50. Normaly SSN is high level then high band is good. However, high band and low band, each bands still no good.
I wish improve the band conditon.

02 January, 2011

Now good condx

I just hear top band now. Condition is so so. Now N6TR is calling CQDX on 1831.5

On 1824.5 JD1BMH still pickup up 2. On 1822 RA0FU still on air. and other freq, some HL station is QRV.

I think, here night time is better than morning time. However, I will wake up at eary time that watching top band, maybe.

01 January, 2011

Start new year

Today started new year. I started watch on top band. but not so good condition and weather. As same as end of last year.

I watched half hour this morning. The band was very noisy, however I add preselector that adjust center freq. Then band noise was reduce.It was very good item for top band operation.

This morning, I heard HL2CFY, VR2PX, OH3XR, SP3DOI only 4 stations. But I can hear Europe stations. It is good start for new year.

Happy New Year 2011

A Happy new year 2011 everybody!