30 January, 2011

Big different condition

Hi top bander! This morning here, big different condition compare to yesterday.

Most different, SSN is growing up to 27. Yesterday was "0". So very good low band condition. However, today is no good. very noisy on the band and DX signal is not so strong.

Some U zone was strong, but the band is very heavy QRM with one way path. So many time call to DX station. However, he still CQ test.

Last midnight, I watched TV program. That was soccer game of asian cup final. Until 3:00 oclock, I watched. It was very excited game. Finaly Japan team was win.

After watched TV program, I checked top band sistuation. however, I already wrote condition. Until 2200Z, I turn off my IC-7700. Stoped operation.

I have a slight cold this morning. I need to recharge my batteries.

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