11 January, 2011


This morning, here is very quaiet morning. No wind. 2days very strong wind blowed, I can not operate all band. But this morning can operate.

However, the all band condition was no good. On 160m, noise level is high. Today also A92IO on 1827.5 QSX 1815. Many JA station call to him, but nobody no return. I not hear his signal. I checked that JA called freq.

On 1822 DU1/K3LP calling CQ alone. Almost stayion call to A9,so DU1/K3LP
was still CQ. I call to him and QSO. On 160m QSO was after long time.

Other two HL station was actived. Usually Calling CQDX. Last year BU2AQ was very actived, however this year HL station is more active.

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