29 January, 2011

Good open

This morning here, WW160m contest before 2hour I started operation on 160m band. SSN is "0" , good for low band conditon. Already many station QRV on the band.
I sweeped on the band low edge to heigh edge. First impretion today, good for middle east area. Most strongest signal is A73A. unbilivable signal strings. As same as asian near zone(China, Korea,Taiwan). So big pile up. I not yet QSO for A7, so I call to him about 20 minits. I got it.
Other HZ1FS was on aired. Just started very big pile up. Europeian station and JA each stations call to HZ. On freq, almost no conferm return. HZ was good operation, about inform to split freq UP3. Big pile moved Up 3KHz. I show pile up status on my IC-7700 band scope. Veru big mountan.There oqupaied few KHz. Before used freq stations, maybe confuse, what start happen!
I will pleased here tomorrow morning.

So evryone, FB Contest

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