23 January, 2011

Still good

This morning here, still good condition on top band. 4L5O was QRV on 1824,so many many JA station called him. However, his received system is no good or QRM or QRN. So almost one way path. Very big pile up but litlle bit return to call from 4L5O. Ofcause I didn't call him.

Other I heard RW5KW, BU2AQ, RZ4FB, IV3PRK, S52AAM, S57DX, and some HL stations. I called few stations. But tthis morning I was contacted to IV3PRK only.

I understand, condition is good however can not contact. Most important, receive and transmit system's balance.

Recently, almost no hear DX signal, but this weekend I was pleased. I wish to next weekend for 160m DX contest.

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