28 February, 2011


Last weekend was CQ160m SSB contest. So CWer was not operat. So the band was very quiet, few persons freq check for QRL keying. However almost no CQing.

Spring has come here, so top band serson to go closing.

25 February, 2011

Beverage antenna performance

Yesterday I heard OZ1LXJ on top band. But not contact. I inform to him in this matter.
Return to answer from him. Yesterday his JA beverage anntena were out of order. So again rebuild beverage antenna for JA.
This morning not so good conditon on top band. Bettr than yesterday. He calling CQ, but I can not found his signal. One JA station found his signal and QSO for him. I found his signal,however his signal has deep QSB. If bottom of QSB, I lost his signal.
Fainaly I can finish this QSO.  After that he send to me this QSO audio file. I hear this file. Very supplised at audio status. My signal can hear very clearly. Beverage antenna performance is very high level.
I have not very large land area, so can not build beverage antenna. I understand, if still looking DX signal on top band. It nessesaly beverage antenna. I agree.

22 February, 2011

HR on top band

Yesterday night, at 1200Z, I heard top band. On 1823 some JA stations call to DX station. However, I can not copy DX signal. But still JA BIG GUN called.
I checked webcluster, understand everone call to HR station. I heard send signal report. Someone 449,another one 559. Oh my god, very weak signal, I understand, good ear stations almost 559 that I have not receive antenna. Never hear!
This morning, very very noisy. No hear DX stations signal.

21 February, 2011

Only few minits

This morning, I listen on top band. Last week from until now, SSN was growrd value was over the 100.
The top band condition was very unstable. I heard DX signal, however signal peak was only few minits.
This morning, S59A was good signal. I called him and excahnge signal report. Finish then signal to drop under noise level.
After hear S59A signal, but never strong. It has some QSB.
As same as S57UN signal was not so strong, It had lot of QSB. I called many times, however no pick up to my call.
I think, the band condition is unstable, if it can get QSO, maybe chance has only few minits. If release this chance, maybe no QSO chance of small stations. Never great stations.

20 February, 2011

Bad luck

SSN to high, over 100 value. This morning I looking for DX on top band. Only few station found. One was RT5K. That station was very first faid out.

Other one, OK1CW was long time hear his sigal. But it has some QSB and nearly oneway path. Many JA stations called him, however still CQ called many times and sometimes return to JA. But not enough QSOs.

Ofcause I called him, but never return to my call untill sunrise.

This morning no QSO on top band.

15 February, 2011

SSN to up, top band condx to down?

This morning, prop data showed SSN is 85, SFI over 100. So top band is very quaiet.
IV3PRK still on air today, however different signal strings as same as normal propagation. Today very weak. Some JA station called him. Many times send callsign. Maybe difficalt copy for each saide.
After 2130Z, UA3TCJ was on aired. I heard his signal after a long time. I cheched my logbook. I contacted him about 1years ago.
This morning, I heard 1hour. Not found big pileup on the band. DX pedi stations off today?

12 February, 2011

First contact

This morning here at 2100Z. Only 10 minits very good open for Europe. At 2053Z, I was contacted IV3PRK that received signal report was 579. Normaly I received 559 and send report to 579. But today his signal was big signal, real 599.
And I heard F5IN signal on the band. Usually his signal was very very weak. Signal report was 319 to 419. However, today I can copy his signal that report was 579. I call to him many times, fainaly He copied my signal snd received report was 559. This is my first contact for F land on 160m.
Each stations that keep good signal for 10minits. After droped signal under noise level. I am very lucky today.

09 February, 2011

Still good condx

After CQWW160m contest, the top band condition still keep good it. This morning also, eary time not so good. I heard only UW8M, however near the sunrise time the band was opend. Many DX signal came here.
YL2GD, OH3XR thier are pilot station on top band. Today also good signal came here.
I contacted total 8stations on this morninig. At the sunrise time. HA3FTA signal was up to S9. Very very strong,so many JA station was called, just started big pile up.
Everyone think, if big signal come then easy contact. Actualy, big signal equal big pileup,so can not easy conact.
I need 10minits got the HA3FTA.Big signal never easy, I think so.

04 February, 2011

Open for Europe

Today I listend on the band at 2030Z, Already open the band for Europe. I heard first station today that station is I2BBJ. Very good signal came here and many JA station call to him. I think, this signal level can get smothly.
However, many times call to him. Actualy can not QSO him. Another case, very weak signal of OE3GCU. I think, difficalt contact him in this time.
Actualy very easy contact. Ohoooo, Receive signal is different for QSO status.

This morning heard I2BBJ,UA3EKG,R3DX,LY3M,9A5K,OE3GCU,IK4WMA,RW3XZ,DL1MGB,SV8JE,EU7SD bold was QSO

maybe RW3XZ was called 5N7M,but no hear his signal me.

02 February, 2011

One way path

After WW160m contest, condition was still no good. It can hear Europe signal, however, almost nearly one way path. Some great JA station called many times, only QRZ or few word. Not completed QSO.

After long time, this morning XU7ACY was on air on the band at 2117Z. This time good signal and good ear. maybe there were reduce toropical noise level.

Where will hear tommorow morning?

01 February, 2011

After WW160m Contest

WW 160m contest was finished. many DX station was heard on the band. but, very heavy QRM so each station no copy my call. So I QSOed only 15 stations.no new entity.

I thisnk, before contest can get new one.In the contest, very QRMM can not copy weak signal. This time, I got A73A, ER4KAA before contest. that new entitis.

Now I got 87 entitis, when I collect 100 entitis. Already pass to 4years.