25 February, 2011

Beverage antenna performance

Yesterday I heard OZ1LXJ on top band. But not contact. I inform to him in this matter.
Return to answer from him. Yesterday his JA beverage anntena were out of order. So again rebuild beverage antenna for JA.
This morning not so good conditon on top band. Bettr than yesterday. He calling CQ, but I can not found his signal. One JA station found his signal and QSO for him. I found his signal,however his signal has deep QSB. If bottom of QSB, I lost his signal.
Fainaly I can finish this QSO.  After that he send to me this QSO audio file. I hear this file. Very supplised at audio status. My signal can hear very clearly. Beverage antenna performance is very high level.
I have not very large land area, so can not build beverage antenna. I understand, if still looking DX signal on top band. It nessesaly beverage antenna. I agree.

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