04 February, 2011

Open for Europe

Today I listend on the band at 2030Z, Already open the band for Europe. I heard first station today that station is I2BBJ. Very good signal came here and many JA station call to him. I think, this signal level can get smothly.
However, many times call to him. Actualy can not QSO him. Another case, very weak signal of OE3GCU. I think, difficalt contact him in this time.
Actualy very easy contact. Ohoooo, Receive signal is different for QSO status.

This morning heard I2BBJ,UA3EKG,R3DX,LY3M,9A5K,OE3GCU,IK4WMA,RW3XZ,DL1MGB,SV8JE,EU7SD bold was QSO

maybe RW3XZ was called 5N7M,but no hear his signal me.

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