09 February, 2011

Still good condx

After CQWW160m contest, the top band condition still keep good it. This morning also, eary time not so good. I heard only UW8M, however near the sunrise time the band was opend. Many DX signal came here.
YL2GD, OH3XR thier are pilot station on top band. Today also good signal came here.
I contacted total 8stations on this morninig. At the sunrise time. HA3FTA signal was up to S9. Very very strong,so many JA station was called, just started big pile up.
Everyone think, if big signal come then easy contact. Actualy, big signal equal big pileup,so can not easy conact.
I need 10minits got the HA3FTA.Big signal never easy, I think so.

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