27 March, 2011

6V7D on 160m

This morning, JA big guns called. As usual I not hesr DX signal. I checked web cluster.

Just 6V7D CQ JA on 1823 UP1. That was self spot from 6V7D. However, few JAs called only. Only called no return from 6V7D. How long I listen 1824 for JAs called.

Just one stations return. He send to signal report of 559. 559 really? I never hear. Maybe big guns used bevarage. I don't have that.

Near the sun rise. Many JAs start call to 6V. On my god. I can hear his signal. About 319 with QSB. Maybe here to there not so good path today.maybe his signal droped another place.

Never mind. I hear first time 6V on top band, I am pleased.

25 March, 2011

No good.

Last night, I looking for S21YZ on top band.

Here mid night, many JA stations called on 1824. Maybe S21 was on air.

However, I can not found it. No good here, high noise level.

Bad luck, already path to half hour. I shut down my rig.

24 March, 2011

Logged in

Yesterday VU4PB log search was update. I checked my call.

Ohooooo grate, 160m QSO was logged in.

That day was one chance. Less than only 10 minits. I got it!

I am very happy.

23 March, 2011

No path

SSN is not so high, I think top band condition sitll good.

However, this morning here DX signal dose not come. One exsample, YL2SM is very good signal. But this morning as same as noise flore.

Ofcause I can copy his  signal, but can not call to him. Still weak signal.

This morning, open path route is different place, not here.

22 March, 2011

Heard VU4PB on top band

This eary morning, I listen on 1824. Some JA stations call to DX station, but I can not hear.

Still listen, DX signal is up that I confirm callsign. That is VU4PB. That signal has deep QSB here, so I lost his signal at bottom of QSB.

However, at 1900Z QSB is weak thtat I understand for his return. He inform to split out, JA station start to call.

I call to him up 0.8khz about 5 minits. Return to my call. Unbilievable, I got it. I wish true of this QSO. I will wait for log update.

Logged in or not?

21 March, 2011

This month

This month, the top band condition was very unstable. One day very good propagation, but tomorrow bad condition.

However, I heard some Europeian station at morning time here. Ofcause I contacted some stations too.

4A4A was heard only last day. I waited on 1824. Very long time I wait on my shack. However I heard 4A4A signal only 5 minits. Waitfor few hour, listen to 5 minits. 5 minits very good signal but after dropped signal very quickly. I can not contact to 4A.

I looking for S21YZ on top band. but not yet found it.

10 March, 2011

Solar Radiation Storm

Few days, condition was very unstabel. SSN was over 100, but high band condition was not so good. Not big open on the high band.
However, on top band conditon was so so. This morning , RT4RO signal strings was unbilibable.
Anout half hour, still strong signal came here. I got him easy.
Nornaly, the sunspot will growing up then low band condition to down. However, recent not same as that situation.
So I still watch on top band everyday. Recent top band as same as 10m band. When will be open? I don't know, everyone also. Maybe good will know.
That is magic band.

02 March, 2011

Magnetic storm, however

This morning. My comouter screen was different with everyday.

What different? IonoProbe icon color was red color. Normaly blue color. What mean? It announce for magnetic storm.

40 and 30m band is vert quiet. On 30m , I found only 5X1NH. Other no hear. 40m also few statons strong, other very weak with QSB.

However, on top band is different. Some stations signal was very strong. But very first cycle QSB has. Peak signal was about less than 10minits.

Also aurora activity was high. So OZ1CTK signal has little echo. This morning, I heard few OZ signals.

I think, fainaly this morning was good propagation on top band.

However, I contacted only one station. Other called, return to QRZ only.