27 March, 2011

6V7D on 160m

This morning, JA big guns called. As usual I not hesr DX signal. I checked web cluster.

Just 6V7D CQ JA on 1823 UP1. That was self spot from 6V7D. However, few JAs called only. Only called no return from 6V7D. How long I listen 1824 for JAs called.

Just one stations return. He send to signal report of 559. 559 really? I never hear. Maybe big guns used bevarage. I don't have that.

Near the sun rise. Many JAs start call to 6V. On my god. I can hear his signal. About 319 with QSB. Maybe here to there not so good path today.maybe his signal droped another place.

Never mind. I hear first time 6V on top band, I am pleased.

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