02 March, 2011

Magnetic storm, however

This morning. My comouter screen was different with everyday.

What different? IonoProbe icon color was red color. Normaly blue color. What mean? It announce for magnetic storm.

40 and 30m band is vert quiet. On 30m , I found only 5X1NH. Other no hear. 40m also few statons strong, other very weak with QSB.

However, on top band is different. Some stations signal was very strong. But very first cycle QSB has. Peak signal was about less than 10minits.

Also aurora activity was high. So OZ1CTK signal has little echo. This morning, I heard few OZ signals.

I think, fainaly this morning was good propagation on top band.

However, I contacted only one station. Other called, return to QRZ only.

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