26 April, 2011


After a long time, on top band DX. Now stated operation on top band of T31A. Just now I heard on 1826.

It is good signal come here. That signal over the noise level. Can copy 100%.

High band is very big pile up, however on top band is not same. Maybe can hear little bit stations. maybe.

He still on air, please call to him for everyone.

06 April, 2011

After a long time QSO

Recently, SSN is growing that high band condition is very good.

Therefore topband condition is not so goog. I usually listen on topband,but I hear only noise.

This morning here at 1930z, I start wacth the topband. I found DX signal.

That station calling CQ under QSB. I still listen it, I congirmed call sign.That station is RU0SN. That is Asian Russia station. That is near place from Japan. However, signal is not so strong. I call to him few times. Return to my call from hom.

After a long time QSO on topband. However, not yet found 9N7AN on topband.

04 April, 2011


Last weekend, 9N7AN was on air top band. Some stations called him.
Hwever I didn't hear his signal. My friend said. On saturday morning Japan, very weak signal came to west Japan. Can not call to him, very weak.
Why other bands signal is strong, signal is strong but there is very high noise level,so difficult copy for dx signal, I understand.
But this time is different. Why?
I still hear top band everyday. Not yet his signal, nearly pedition will close.

01 April, 2011

After a long time good condx

Last night, after a long time good propagation for north america.

At 1200Z I listend on top band. I just found big signal. I think some JA DXer calling CQ.

Howevr, that was different JA DXer's CQ. That was AA0RS signal. Very strong as same as local asian stations.

The signal strings was 9, it real signal strings. Good, another one station as calling CQ.

Another one is W9 station. It same good signal.

This morning here, at 1940Z. The top band opend for Europe. I heard some Europian UA and Ukraine stations.

The SSN less than 100, the top band condition will returns good.