17 October, 2011

Good condition for few days

This morning very good on the topband. I was listend at before 2000Z.

I found KH2/N2NL on 1817.5 good signal came here. Ofcause KH2 land is near from Japan.

After KH2/N2NL QRT, as same as freq QRV RA4LW. It was same signal strings of KH2/N2NL.

I am very supprised at his signal. Almost asian stations signal. He was call CQ, however call to him a little bit stations.

On topband, still good condx.
BlackBerry from DOCOMO

15 October, 2011

I got H40KJ

2days ago, I went back home at 9:30PM. I eat late dinner after that checked 160m condition. Not so good,but still H40KJ was on aired on 1826.5.

Normaly this time was looking for north america, so QSX up2. However, that was different, QSX down. And just called few JA stations only. I think, today I can get it.

I called on 1824 few times. Meybe my call returned. I call again and send to report. H40KJ send to again my call and CFM message. Oh, got it.

This morning, I checked web site online log. Typeing my call into search box and search button. Oh great, hit to my call in the logged.

In this few month, I got 4W,3D2/R,H40. Up to 3E. Very happy now.

12 October, 2011

Todays memorandum

This morning, I heard few stations only. But condition was not so good. I called DX station,but no return.
1824.5 ES1GO
1824.2 E75A
That all.

By the way, H40KJ was no return to JA yesterday. He listening up2 a usual. That is off band from JA. When pick up JA?

11 October, 2011


Last night, H40KJ started on 160m. First listening up 2, but not yet open for north america.
So he listening down 2-3. Waiting many JA stations called him. Big pileup start on 160m.
I also call to him,but not pick up me, after that, north ameria was pend. He still listening up only. No hear down. Only few JA stations QSO. I wish to QSO for him, H40 is new one on 160m.

10 October, 2011


This morning here. FR/DJ7RJ was on air on 160m band. It was split operated on 1826.5 QSX 1812

However, not heared. Recent condition was no good. If I heared Europian stations signal. but very weak, Did not as same as last year.

03 October, 2011

Recent activity

In this season was started. However, different for last season.
Here is increase noise level and DX signal is weak.
Europian stations signal is very difficult copy.
Last month, I got 2 new entitis. First is 4W6A. This morning I checked LoTW then slready upload 4W6A log. And another one, It is 3D2R. 3D/c was already got, but 3D/R is new. I am happy last month.
However, can not hear OJ0X signals. That also new,but not yet hear.
Last one. Yesterday started T32C operation on top band. Here can listen before sunset. I can called about 30min, I got it. But it was not new one.
I must reduce noise level around top band.