15 October, 2011

I got H40KJ

2days ago, I went back home at 9:30PM. I eat late dinner after that checked 160m condition. Not so good,but still H40KJ was on aired on 1826.5.

Normaly this time was looking for north america, so QSX up2. However, that was different, QSX down. And just called few JA stations only. I think, today I can get it.

I called on 1824 few times. Meybe my call returned. I call again and send to report. H40KJ send to again my call and CFM message. Oh, got it.

This morning, I checked web site online log. Typeing my call into search box and search button. Oh great, hit to my call in the logged.

In this few month, I got 4W,3D2/R,H40. Up to 3E. Very happy now.

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