31 December, 2011

End of this year

Today is last day in 2011. This year, the sun spot was growing up. The SSN was over 100 everyday. The top band condition was very unstable. In 28th this month. That day was very good propagation. I heared GW on top band. It was my first time. Normaly, almost not hear. I understand what mores code found. It was that ,maybe. However, 28th was different. Very good signal came here, but can not contact to him.

After few days, so so the condition on top band, not big opend. This morning also, few Europian stations signal can hear, but not to call there. It only SV9MBH received pile up on the band. Many JA stations also call to him. but many times no answer and CQ call again. There are noise level is high, maybe.

So many thanks everyone. This year I can got few entity on the band. The next year also challenge for DX on top band.

Thank you all, A happy new year 2012.

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