28 December, 2011

Good codx

This mornig here, after a long time for good condition. Before 2000Z, not so good. Few JA station call to DX station.
But after 2000Z, the band is open for Europe. IV3PRK of  pilot station on top band. His signal up to S-7. And many DX stations signal to up, I can listen for many DX stations.
Really after a long time, maybe path to about one week.
Today I was finishd QSO as follows. HA8IH, SM5EDX, EW8DJ, UT6UD, RK4FM.
And GW3YDX signal also good, I can call to him at first time on top band. I confirmed, I will QSO to him at near feuture. I can hear his signal. If not hear never QSO on the band. So I am very happy this morning.
Today end of work in this year. Tomorrow will start winter holiday. I wish to as same as good condition for tomorrow morning.

Thanks all of top band dxers.

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