11 December, 2011

Good open for EU

After a long time. Sun sopt growed up over 100 or more. So I can operated on 10m in recent month.
However, start to winter serson. The top band condition is growing now. In few days, very good propagation at 1900Z - 2000Z. Many Europian stations signal came here. And everyone are very strong.
The top band pilot station is IV3PRK. One month ago, I was not hear his signal. But almost every day can hear now.
This morning also, many stations on the air.
I am very pleased. Because, the top band is not quaiet. I can looking for DX station, it is very fun.
In this serson. I got new rig. Usually use the IC-7700, but this serson can use the TEN TEC ORION for received. It is very good performance. Top roofing filter can use 250Hz, it can easy devided near dx signal, if separeated 300Hz by each stations, it no problem. Can readable weak signal. IC-7700 can not.
Today to this saturday, I go to bussiness trip for China, so stop to dx hunting one week. I will go back Japan, I can post to this blog. This blog was long time stopped. However, restart until today.

The top band is very fun now!

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