25 January, 2012

Good for middle east

Recent few days, on the top band was good condition for middle east.
Last weekend, good signal came here from HZ and OD5.
Yesterday very strong signal came here from A9. So lot of JA station QSO with A92IO.
This morning, A45XR is also good signal come here.
I call to him many times, however he still calling CQ or another station to return. Bad luck this morning.
I still looking for VP6T on top band. However, not yet get his signal. I wish to contact on top band.

23 January, 2012

Looking for VP6

Last saturday morning here, very good propagation on top band.
Lot of Europian stations signal came here.
I got total 9QSOs. I can use the shuntfeed with IC-7700. So not enough power on top band. However, I got many stations out of contest. Really good conditon.
One more , middle east direction also good open. OD5NJ and A92IO signal was good. As same as south east asian station signal. So very big pile up. JA's big gun called thier.  I can not contact. My signal pushed out for outside pile up.

This morning, very quaiet on top band. Not same last weekend.

16 January, 2012

One week one time!

Last saturday, very good propagation. On top band , many EU stations signal came Japan.
And one more, HZ1FI signal was wanderful. I can hear first time real 599 signal. However, their were very noise in his place, so lot of JA station call to him dwn4. But he still calling CQ.
Sunday and monday here, not so good top band condition. This morning only few stations listen on the band.
Never contnue good propagation on top band. Recently, almost one good day par one week.

12 January, 2012

To far

HK0NA is start now. I got some information. Already some JA station hear that.
Some person got QSO. That great.

At the around 1230Z, I looking for that. Not yet hear that.

It very far Malpelo Is, Idon't know, I will be able to get it or not.

11 January, 2012

Good or not

Today start watch the band on top band at 1945Z.

At the first, I found the IV3PRK's calling CQ. But not to strong, however I understand his CQ. I call to him, but only QRZ return. I still call, but it has deep QSB.

The signal is peak that no problem, but the signal is bottom that I pearfectry lost his signal.  Oh no

Another case, DU1IST is on air today too. And he QSX up3 today. I check his QSX freq. Oh great, I can understand call's station.

On ofthem, SM station call DU1IST. It very strong as same ad aian station.

I think, today the condition is good or not, which?

Today nothing for DX QSO, however it is very fun on top band DX. When I can QSO for DX station, nobody don't know. The got only know.

10 January, 2012

Can not hear

After a long time, this morning watched on top band. It was still noisy.

But lot of JA stations call to DX. I check the web cluster. Everyone call to A61BP. It QRV down 1KHz from everyone called freq.

I listen to that freq. Very very weak signal on that freq. Can not decode morse code. As same as noise.

Ofcause, I can not call it. I still watch other freq. I can hear some Europian station. But not to long open. Very short time, it about 5 or more minits. But less than 10minits.

This morning, I heard station as follows.


08 January, 2012

Still bad

This morning here, I watched top band.  However, still bad condition on the band.
As usual stations only heard.  BV, HL, DU and JD1.
Near sunrise, HZ1FI is on air on freq. Many JA call to him, but difficult return for JA. Very big pileup, but little bit stations return.
For EUROPE, that was open but weak. Few JA station call to Europe,but no answer.

04 January, 2012

Bad condx

This morning, I watching start at 2000Z. That time I hear only few stations. They are aroound pacific oceans. KH2/N2NL, JD1BMH, BU2AQ and DU1IST

Tey are very active station on top band. Another area is not open that time.It only noise.

Recent condition. one day very good condition and other 6 days bad.

03 January, 2012

Big pile up

This mornig here, on top band was very busy. Because today QRV from middle east stations. One is HZ1FI and another one is OD5NJ. So on top band had two pile up mountains. One is around 1820. It was OD5NJ QRV on 1819 QSX UP1.

JA's big gun called him. but very difficult contact. How long I don't know, most famous person got return. Indeed good ear with good antenna.

Another pile up. on around 1824. HZ1FI was operat on 1827.5 and QSX DWN 3. Also many JA stations call to him. However, there has noise, so noise level is higher than JA signal. Many JA's call to him, but long times no returns.

I am no relation each stations. Because HZ1FI can hear but very weak. OD5NJ can not hear. So I can not call to their.

Many JA try to HZ and OD contact. So I think, now good chance. If other Europe station QRV on the band. Almost pepole not found, they are intrested in HZ and OD.

At the 2130Z, the band condition was up. Some DX stations signal up and easy copy. I call to few stations. However, I contacted two stations only. That was YL3FT and OM5ZW. YL3FT is very active low bander. Before I can QSO on 80m band.So he remember me, one called pick up me. Thanks.

Many station can got present in new year. I'm not yet. When will come new present?

01 January, 2012

A Happy New Year 2012

Hello everyone, a happy new year 2012. This morning I started watch on topband in this year. The band condition was not so good. It very noisy condition.

However, I can heared some DX stations signals. That was SM4EMO, BU2AQ, LA1VFA, OH2XX and OH3XR. LA1VFA was my first time LA station on top band. But many station called him,so I can not got it. Todays path between JA to LA land. It was under the aurora. I checked path condition for DX atlas. As follows

So many JA station called him, but he was difficalt copied our JA signal. many times reconfirmed callsign. I can called him that already late. His signal under QSB.

This year 1st contactwas OH3XR and next OH2XX. Everyone, see you on the top band.