03 January, 2012

Big pile up

This mornig here, on top band was very busy. Because today QRV from middle east stations. One is HZ1FI and another one is OD5NJ. So on top band had two pile up mountains. One is around 1820. It was OD5NJ QRV on 1819 QSX UP1.

JA's big gun called him. but very difficult contact. How long I don't know, most famous person got return. Indeed good ear with good antenna.

Another pile up. on around 1824. HZ1FI was operat on 1827.5 and QSX DWN 3. Also many JA stations call to him. However, there has noise, so noise level is higher than JA signal. Many JA's call to him, but long times no returns.

I am no relation each stations. Because HZ1FI can hear but very weak. OD5NJ can not hear. So I can not call to their.

Many JA try to HZ and OD contact. So I think, now good chance. If other Europe station QRV on the band. Almost pepole not found, they are intrested in HZ and OD.

At the 2130Z, the band condition was up. Some DX stations signal up and easy copy. I call to few stations. However, I contacted two stations only. That was YL3FT and OM5ZW. YL3FT is very active low bander. Before I can QSO on 80m band.So he remember me, one called pick up me. Thanks.

Many station can got present in new year. I'm not yet. When will come new present?

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