11 January, 2012

Good or not

Today start watch the band on top band at 1945Z.

At the first, I found the IV3PRK's calling CQ. But not to strong, however I understand his CQ. I call to him, but only QRZ return. I still call, but it has deep QSB.

The signal is peak that no problem, but the signal is bottom that I pearfectry lost his signal.  Oh no

Another case, DU1IST is on air today too. And he QSX up3 today. I check his QSX freq. Oh great, I can understand call's station.

On ofthem, SM station call DU1IST. It very strong as same ad aian station.

I think, today the condition is good or not, which?

Today nothing for DX QSO, however it is very fun on top band DX. When I can QSO for DX station, nobody don't know. The got only know.

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