01 January, 2012

A Happy New Year 2012

Hello everyone, a happy new year 2012. This morning I started watch on topband in this year. The band condition was not so good. It very noisy condition.

However, I can heared some DX stations signals. That was SM4EMO, BU2AQ, LA1VFA, OH2XX and OH3XR. LA1VFA was my first time LA station on top band. But many station called him,so I can not got it. Todays path between JA to LA land. It was under the aurora. I checked path condition for DX atlas. As follows

So many JA station called him, but he was difficalt copied our JA signal. many times reconfirmed callsign. I can called him that already late. His signal under QSB.

This year 1st contactwas OH3XR and next OH2XX. Everyone, see you on the top band.

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