11 February, 2012

ZK2C on 160m

After a long time, recently the topband condition was not so good. Everyday I watched on the band. However, usually noise only. Some JA station calling DX stations, but I can not hear. HK0NA also, Top DXer got it on the band. I can not hear that signal.

Yesterday at 1200Z. ZK2C was on the air on 1819.5 QSX DWN3. Very good signal came here, It didn't same as VP6T. There are same paciffice area, but VP6T was very very weak.

The ZK2C to called lot of JA stations on 1816.5, but ZK2C picked up to 1816.5 more higher freq. Everyone called 1816.5 or lower freq. I just found pickup point. That was the 1816.6Khz.

I think, ZK2C don't like QRM, so I call that outside pile up is better. I call on 1816.7Khz few times. Bingo! ZK2C return to my call and confirmed our QSO. Thanks.

I understand, most important action is watch with looking for pickup point.It found, after taht It will return to your call near future.

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