05 May, 2012

Big pileup

 Yesterday morning here, JA7NI contacted for 7O6T on topband. This news fowarding to top bander in JA. It was very good news. Everybody think, we will be able to contact for 7O that if the timing to open suits.

 So this morning here,  also the band was open between JA to 7O. So lot of  JAs big gun called for him. Around 1819kHz, I heard major call sign in JA top bander.

 However, my QTH was already path to sunrise. I can not found his signal. All of the major top bander has special receiving antenna system that can found his signal. I have not it. so I am minor top bander. hi

 Until 15th in this month still operat 7O. I will try again. maybe very very difficult, It is like hitting public lottery.

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