04 May, 2012

Looking for 7O

After a long time this blog. The top band is not so good conditon. However, the DX pedition was operated on this band.

 So I still check this band. Last month, I was contacted to 9M0L on the band. It was not so strong signal. but I can got it. It was new one on the band. This week, started 7O6T DX pedition that already start top band operation. DX cluster showd lot of sopts.

 I try to this band. However, not yet hear that signal. The top band specialist of JA that already heard that signal. He said, It will be able to get near fewture. It mean is good signal to JA. But I not hear, my system than normal level?

 Anyway, still looking for 7O station on top band.

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