10 September, 2012

New season

 After a longtime. The SSN is up over the 100 many times. The high band condition is still good.

 Now almost people active on high bands.

 Now started NH8S dx expedition. The each bands is start pileups.

 I looking for 160m band on last night. However not yet prepare the 160m band antenna that NH8S stations.

 But I still listened 160m that I found DX signal on 160m. That DX was W5IZ. This is my 1st DX QSO in this season.

 His signal was heard only 30min. Most strong part at 1155Z. Good signal coming here.

 In this morning, also I listen on top band. The band noise is reduce for recent condition. I looking DX.

 This morning here, I found the LY7M on 1824.2 . It also first EU in this season.

 The top band is start in this season, what do you think?

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