13 September, 2012

NH8S on Top band

2days ago, NH8S was on air the top band that on their schedule.  I found that on 1826.5. Their called CQ DX Up2.

 Maybe that time was best time for United States path. Each side under the night time. So the first, They listed up 2khz.

 His signal was very good here, the peeked 599 with QSB. If signal is bottom that 419 here. however, I can lock his signal, no lost.

 1200Z, the North american path was closed. They turn to listening dwn3. Many JA station QRX his announce. It started JAs pile up. Almost JA station called dwn 3 or less then 3. That freq was QRMMM.
  I think, call to different point is better. I called dwn 3.5 for few time. It was very lucky, that freq is no QRM, so return to my call to first. Oh, nice return. very easy QSO.

 I gt the new one on top band. It is very very lucky.

 Where the next.

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