28 November, 2012

After WW test

Last week end, the WW contest finished. Before WW test, the top band condition was very good. Every morning here, a lot of stations on the air on top band.
Normaly day, I was contacted only few stations if the condition is very good. However, this contest week was different. I QSO about 10 stations less than 1 hour.
Unbilivable. This situation still few days. I can QSO about 30 in last weekend. I am very happy.

After WW test in this morning. I am week day so I can not looking for DX at long time before work. However, I can very short time watching in this morning.
I found few DX stations. That was UA3CQ, UR5 someting and DU1IST.
I think. The good condition still keep now. I think, if still good condition keep that I will be able to contact for ZL9 on the band.
I wish contact it on the band.

26 November, 2012


 Hi all.

 This morning information. The band was still WW contest. I watched the band at 1930Z started. The condition was as same as yesterday.

 However, it was big different at one. On 1810.6, Z60WW wa on the air. It was generated big pile up.  It was zoo, A lot of Europian stations called it. I can copy many stations. And JA's famouse top bander also called.

 It was not DX pedition, so it can use the on freq, No splits. It was CW code jams, I can not return signal from Z60WW. Everyone still endless called.

 However, Z60WW return to call, then returning station understanding return call from Z60WW,  and sending the contest report. Really cool! Good ear, unbelivable.

 Very excited this morning on top band today.

 This mornig heard stations as follows.
ES5TV, HG5A, HG1S, Z60WW, S51V, UZ2M, 4O3A, LY2W, HA8BE, S57M, 9A1A, OL7M, RU1A, RL3A, HF8N, Z38N

it is all.

25 November, 2012


Yesterday started CQWW CW in 2012. Before WW day, the band condition was very good. I heard lot of Europeian station on top band. I think, the band conditon is good, So I will contact a lot of DX station on top band.

 The last night I looking for North America, however, I can not found NA stations. KH2 and KH0 and around asia and paciffice stations only heard. I think, not so good condition.

 This morning here, also not so good. Europian station s signal was weak. I foud station as follows.


but not all contact, include only heard.

I wish to next CQ160m when I contact a lot of stations.

23 November, 2012

Good condition

 This morning here, very good propagation on 160m band. Maybe the best propagation in november here.

 I can contacted to IV3PRK in this season. I was very glad to meet hin. Because he is my pilot station on top band. If his signal come then the band condition is very good. I understand easy.

 This morning, I can heard a lot of Europian stations signal. IV3PRK, 4O4A, E75A, UR5AS, OM2XW, HB9BLQ, S51V and HA8DM. Also many JAstations QRV this morning.

 So jam on the narrow band.

 I wish to as same as conditio on CQ WW CW. I will be able to contact a lot of stations on the top band.

 See you on the contest.

18 November, 2012

After a long time on 160m

 Recently, PT0S is on air the top band. It was very active on the band. But here is very long distance from JA. It can path to north pole.

 It is very diffical challenge. Few years ago, I was contacted to TF4M. It only one chanced me on top band. I usually watch the top band. However, I could heard his signal that only few time.

 I think, PT0S signal will not hear me. almost 100% correct.

 By the way, this morning here. After a long time heard DX signal on top band. I don't have bevarage antenna. Only shunt feed antena,so  very difficalt found weak signal.

 But this morning, I heard few DX signal and I can QSO one DX stations. I am very happy today. This band DX hunting will very difficalt, however, very fun and if I will get DX QSO. Very pleased, it different other band DX hunting.