18 November, 2012

After a long time on 160m

 Recently, PT0S is on air the top band. It was very active on the band. But here is very long distance from JA. It can path to north pole.

 It is very diffical challenge. Few years ago, I was contacted to TF4M. It only one chanced me on top band. I usually watch the top band. However, I could heard his signal that only few time.

 I think, PT0S signal will not hear me. almost 100% correct.

 By the way, this morning here. After a long time heard DX signal on top band. I don't have bevarage antenna. Only shunt feed antena,so  very difficalt found weak signal.

 But this morning, I heard few DX signal and I can QSO one DX stations. I am very happy today. This band DX hunting will very difficalt, however, very fun and if I will get DX QSO. Very pleased, it different other band DX hunting.

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