28 November, 2012

After WW test

Last week end, the WW contest finished. Before WW test, the top band condition was very good. Every morning here, a lot of stations on the air on top band.
Normaly day, I was contacted only few stations if the condition is very good. However, this contest week was different. I QSO about 10 stations less than 1 hour.
Unbilivable. This situation still few days. I can QSO about 30 in last weekend. I am very happy.

After WW test in this morning. I am week day so I can not looking for DX at long time before work. However, I can very short time watching in this morning.
I found few DX stations. That was UA3CQ, UR5 someting and DU1IST.
I think. The good condition still keep now. I think, if still good condition keep that I will be able to contact for ZL9 on the band.
I wish contact it on the band.

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