23 November, 2012

Good condition

 This morning here, very good propagation on 160m band. Maybe the best propagation in november here.

 I can contacted to IV3PRK in this season. I was very glad to meet hin. Because he is my pilot station on top band. If his signal come then the band condition is very good. I understand easy.

 This morning, I can heard a lot of Europian stations signal. IV3PRK, 4O4A, E75A, UR5AS, OM2XW, HB9BLQ, S51V and HA8DM. Also many JAstations QRV this morning.

 So jam on the narrow band.

 I wish to as same as conditio on CQ WW CW. I will be able to contact a lot of stations on the top band.

 See you on the contest.

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