26 November, 2012


 Hi all.

 This morning information. The band was still WW contest. I watched the band at 1930Z started. The condition was as same as yesterday.

 However, it was big different at one. On 1810.6, Z60WW wa on the air. It was generated big pile up.  It was zoo, A lot of Europian stations called it. I can copy many stations. And JA's famouse top bander also called.

 It was not DX pedition, so it can use the on freq, No splits. It was CW code jams, I can not return signal from Z60WW. Everyone still endless called.

 However, Z60WW return to call, then returning station understanding return call from Z60WW,  and sending the contest report. Really cool! Good ear, unbelivable.

 Very excited this morning on top band today.

 This mornig heard stations as follows.
ES5TV, HG5A, HG1S, Z60WW, S51V, UZ2M, 4O3A, LY2W, HA8BE, S57M, 9A1A, OL7M, RU1A, RL3A, HF8N, Z38N

it is all.

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