31 December, 2013

Last day

This is a last post in this year.

Last day in this year, I start listened top band as usual time at 0500 local time. ( 2000z ) The band condition was same as usual. Not bad, not good. It is so so.

At first, I heard the CQ, but cannot copy call sign as all. I copied only 3RF. Who is 3RF? I still hear that freq who is on air?

That QRV station was finished QSO and send to call sign.  His call sign is SV3RF. It is correct call sign. On the band, Only his signal can be heard. And his signal is good and stable. So it started the pileup from EU with JA.

Many stations continue calling him. How long pass to the time. Almost stations called finish. I still calling then I received return to my call. It took about 25 minutes.
Another one, I QSO for HA9RE. He was very weak in this morning, so It seemed that he did not notice him wholly.  He still calling CQ. I call to him. I already QSO to him, so he understood my call. So easy return. But I received my signal report was 449.  He had good ear, I think so.

Then, hearing it was continued till sunrise time.  However, almost DX signal were not go up. Still weak. I copied DX call as follows.


Many thanks for all,  see you on the top band next year also.

30 December, 2013

This morning

I wake up this morning at 6 o'clock here. It was to late. I usually wake up at 0430 o'clock when I started watch the top band.

However, this morning to late.  The band condition is still no good. Almost nothing the DX signal on the band. Almost no JA was also this morning.

Start of this month, the band was busy. However, recent of the band that it was very quiet. This morning also. I found the only a few stations.

There were S51V, DK1NO, and R7378TM. S51V was heard almost everyday. His signal was stable. Another signal had a lot go QSB, but he had a little. This morning also. His signal heard about 10 minutes. Another signal less than 5 minutes. Very first fade out on the band.

 After all, nothing was able to be heard even if sunrise time came. Till when does this state continue?

However, I continue challenging a top band.


29 December, 2013

Reconstruction of Priselector

Since condition was not so good, preselector was converted.

The reconstruction part added the galvanic isolator to the input side, and suppressed inflow of the noise. 

Moreover, it enabled it to also choose a preamplifier of 10 dB for rectifying, when an antenna with few profits is connected. 

The characteristic of a preselector is as follows. 

28 December, 2013

Still no good

The temp is down. Very cold in this morning. The top band noise floor was high in this morning.

I wake up to late this morning.  I hear the band start. However, this morning also yesterday situation.

I think the band condition go down. If I heard the DX signal that it was weak with QSB.

This morning here, the most strongest signal was IV3PRK, other signal was unstable.

Therefore, this morning also short time operation.

27 December, 2013

It did what?

This morning. The day when San electric wave dose not fall.

I heard the top band as usual same time. However, nothing heard, nothing.

But few JA stations called to DX, so maybe the DX station is QRV on the band.   However, an electric wave dose not fall to my place. The fragment of a signal cannot be heard.

Such a state is a long time.

The condition of a weekend is worrisome.

26 December, 2013


Last weekend from until this week.  Wonderful holiday season for everyone. In Japan, this weekend will star new year holiday until 5th Jan 2014.

This morning, the band condition was improved. In early morning here, XW0YJY was QRV on top band and called CQ QSX up1.

This signal was good and stable. Usually, very difficult copy there place from here. Recently HS station was QRV on this band almost everyday. But that signal was weak and difficult copy that.

However, XW is near HS land. But this morning was different situation. Very easy audible. Therefore, XW0YJY was finish CQ call, then a lot of stations call up 1kHz.

But, XW0YJY still calling CQ and endorses repeat. Why he was no answer for everyone. I think he has problem.  That is two case. One is very high noise floor. Almost received DX signal under the noise level. Another one is Rig trouble. Which is this case? I don't know.

I know, nothing QSO for him.

See you weekend in SPT.

25 December, 2013

Sadly not hear

This morning I heard about 30 minutes on top band. However,  nothing can be heard, nothing can completely be heard.

As same as the Rig or antenna broken.

After 30 minutes, I found the weak signal in the noise floor. That was IV3PRK. Only one his signal on the band.

Times up. I was QRT in this morning. Where was not able to be QSO this morning.

24 December, 2013

Which Rig is the best ?

What do you think? Which Rig is the best in 160m operation.

I used IC-7700 now. It is very good user interface. ACC I/F is also unified from all the model. Therefore, even if ACC changes a model, it become usable.

Since I also operate digital mode, I am continuing using IC-7700. Other Rig will be used if it is only CW mode.

I have other transceivers. There are TenTec ORION and Elecraft K2. Both Rig are wonderful and especially the characteristic of AGC is good.

Japanese-model rig is differed from clearly. Although it is said that the characteristic of K3 is wonderful these days, however, I dislike the place where things and operativity with a small knob are bad.

Individually, I likes ORION at the receiving characteristic and operativity.  I am sorry to already be erased from a catalog although I like ORION II actually.

Which Rig do you recommend ?

Nothing can be heard

Hi all, Happy Merry Christmas.

Today is happy day, but the top band condition is still no good. Early morning here at 0400 o'clock (1900z). The band was very quiet. Nothing DX signal in the band.

However, the band noise level was very low. If DX signal come here, I find it very easy. But not yet come here.

Path to half hour. At last, I found DX signal that it was 9A3 station. That was very weak and a lot of QSB had.  After 5 minutes, That signal fade away.

Near at 2000z, I found a few stations signal. But there were anything weak signal. Only S51V was strong.

However, the good state did not continue for a long time.

After 6 o'clock local time. I went to work.
I wish to good condition on SPT in this weekend.

23 December, 2013

Still no good condition

It seems that the value of SSN is higher than yesterday and the condition of a low band is not good. Therefore, I got up somewhat later and did this morning.

Condition is bad as expected and the signal of DX can hardly be heard.  The 110RAEM series which can be heard always strongly is also too weak this morning.

Some JA station called that, but that still calling CQ. The path was not so good between JA to Europe. It seemed that you were suffering troubles considerably.

However, although the signal of weak EA3JE is not so strong, it is stabilized and it is always heard. There is certainly a return also to the call from JA. Only this path was stable.

After all, while condition had been bad, even if sunrise time came, the signal of DX was not able to be heard.

Hi all, Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2014.

22 December, 2013

Condition and 9A contest this morning

9A contest was carried out in the traditional band this morning.  On 40m had a lot of stations on the air and called CQ test.

However, On 160m was very quiet. I think, this morning the band condition was bad. Usually I can hear the some DX signals on the band. but today, nothing in early morning.

I still watch the band. How long heard?

The signal of UP0L was able to be heard at last. However, it is weakly accompanied by QSB. In when is it clearly different?

Pass to 5 0'clock local time (2000z), usually DX signal is up and stable that signal. but today, not yet. Still weak with QSB.

Although the station which has participated in 9A contest also by Top band is, important 9A can be heard only the signal of 9A5W.

Since condition did not go up after all, either, it QRT a little early this morning. Did the minimum morning come?

What is it how tomorrow?

21 December, 2013

Russian 160m Contest

19, Dec 2100z started Russian 160m contest. In this morning, I heard the top band at 1930z. The band was not enough opened.

However, I found the few stations in the band that there were not strong signals.  he station found first was R6AF.  It has come out of this office also to 40m well.

After 2030z,  The station of 110RAEM series was able to begin to be heard.  By the very powerful signal, this series is stabilized and is heard.  Although other U zones have much QSB, 110RAEM series is stable.

Although QSO was not made, it could hear the signal of many stations and was able to enjoy it.

19 December, 2013

Top band this morning

This morning the weather is rain. Not to strong, but still continue it.

I heard the top band from as usual time.  Before 2000z, almost not hear. I found only one station that it was S51V. Not to strong with QSB. That signal was fade out in about 5 mini.

After 2000z, the European U zone area and East Europe area were opened. A lot of DX signals came here that someone was strong, someone was weak.

As same time, JA top bander also QRV started.  The small pileup started in some places.

Condition seems to be better than yesterday.  I have communicated several stations in this morning.

18 December, 2013

It has recovered?

Hi all

A new low pressure is approaching Japan. This morning it is always somewhat a little bit warm.

The band situation is good, it is very low noise and no atmospheric interference.

However, before 2000z( 500 local time) I cannot found DX signal. Some JA stations called CQ that their was very active.

At around 2000z, I found the weak signal. That was HS0ZXK. He called CQ listening up 2. I looking for DX station up 2khz. But cannot hear.

Then, time takes for passing and the signal of DX was able to be hear.

I found the some HA stations. HA0NAR signal was very very strong. As same as Asian stations signal. Maybe the best signal in this morning.

Finally I found OE6ADD's CQ at 2030z. I call to him many times. However he said that my signal had QSB . So difficult copied there,  no contact.

Oh at the 2035z, times up. I must prepare of attendance. I turn off my IC-7700.

I think,  it seems that slight condition has been recovered. Tomorrow is pleasure.

17 December, 2013

This weekend

I got the Russian 160m contest information from Topband ML.  This contest will start at 2000-2400UTC December 20 in this year.

I am interested in this contest that I read the general rules.  However, I understand. I will be not able to join this contest.

Because this contest has 2 categories only. That is mix mode SO and MS.

Since SSB is not permitted in a topband in Japan, it cannot join in a contest.

Off cause, CW mode only will be no problem. However, it could not QSO with many station.

Anyway, I hear the topband during the weekend.

Situation of this morning

Hello all.

This morning here, no wind and quiet. Big different weather it compare yesterday morning.

However, the band condition as same as yesterday. In early time, nothing in the band. At 1945z(445 local time) I found SN20SOT on 1821. That not to strong signal but stable that it. So I can copy his message.

An another one. UA1CE also called CQ on 1823. His signal had QSB, so sometimes lost his signal.

The 160m is very fun and interesting. On 40m, 30m also, UA1 and SP land is not so far the place.  So UA1 and SP are almost same signal levels that their came here.

However, 160m is different. If two stations as same as freq on QRV . But if there is not near place. It can QRV and no QRM maybe.

The top band is special band, I think so.
So I am interested in top band and like it.

16 December, 2013

Start for new week

Last weekends, here was a strong wind blowed. And solar activity is still high level.

This morning here, I looking for DX station on the top band. However, the band was very quiet early time. I did not found the DX signal on the band.

Before 5 o'clock here. I found the 2stations on the band. One of RW0CF, he called DX station without for JA band plan. But I can not heard his called station.

And another one was OH3XR. His signal had a lot of QSB that it QSB cycle was very first. I heard his signal that it only less than 10min. After that, his signal fade out for under the noise.

After 5 o'clock. Few EU-UA stations signal  heard. RW110RAEM was strong. So many JA stations called him. That near the freq. RA3AGF was QRV, however not so strong his signal with QSB. So only few stations called.

Oh just times up. I will prepare for the work. I stopped watching the band. After that the band will grow up or not, I don't know.

I understand, the band condition was not so good.

15 December, 2013

Weekly heard report 8.DEC - 14.DEC

2015Z  HA0NAR   1815.9

0948Z  T32RC  1811
1916Z  UW1VA  1818.01
2009Z  RA3QK  1820.00
2014Z  LZ2DF  1823.98
2020Z  UA6MF  1825.5
2023Z  RN3CT  1812.66

1938Z  RX110RAEM  1820.49
1939Z  V63XG  1811.1
1947Z  R3GMT  1825.00
2020Z  EW8DJ  1823.5

1947Z  HA1TJ  1822.67
1951Z  S57C  1817.00
2009Z RA3AGF  1817.00
2027Z RA9FA  1821.70
2029Z OZ7YY  1821.70

1927Z  RY110RAEM  1821.47
1952Z  RT0F  1829.94
2021Z  OK2BWM  1817.56
2031Z  RG110RAEM  1824.00
2036Z  IV3PRK  1820.30
2055Z  UA0ACG  1817.00
2104Z  RA9UDK  1813.50
2105Z  HA0NAR  1818.64
2106Z  R3GMT  1824.00
2120Z  OH2XX  1823.40
2121Z  RA0ZN  1817.57
2124Z  UA9AB  1825.21

2030Z  UR5IRM  1819.96
2045Z  RG110RAEM  1825.00
2101Z  RA0FF  1825.00
2103Z  RD110RAEM  1820.00
2118Z  UR4LRG  1818.45

The activity log of my Top band

The activity log of my Top band was investigated.
It QRV for the first time to Top band in May, 2008.
An antenna is Shunt feed. And using Shunt feed is being continued.
Since my site is narrow, a big antenna cannot be built.
Therefore, it is a subject how receiving capability is raised.
The QSO number of these years was 95.
Although Top band was a strange band, it was surprised QRV, then that it can QSO unexpectedly.
The record of QSO is as follows.
2009 203 QSOs
2010 176 QSOs
2011 191 QSOs
2012 135 QSOs
2013 122 QSOs until now
This band is very interesting, and if it becomes winter, he is trying to hear it every day.
This band will be challenged all the time from now on, and it will go.

10 December, 2013

Not so good in this week

last week, it was a very good condition. Everyday I heard a many stations signal on the band from the Europe. I heard about less than 1 hour, however I found the 10 or more stations in the band.
This week comes, condition is falling for a while, and a morning sonority condition is not so good. Yesterday also, An early time zone can hardly be heard. It does not arrive, although it calls with a one-way path even if audible.
If it is past 5:00 in the morning here, the signal of EU can begin to be heard for a while, but it is not strongly.
It stops being able to hear, if QSB is also quite deep and becomes a bottom.
That was recent situation on the top band.

07 December, 2013

Good condition

Hi all, after a long time.

The condition of Top band is maintaining the good state from the end of last month.

Sunrise time is late and a path with EU opens from the time of turning around 5:00 am in time here.

Since the time becomes Gray line exactly, a signal also goes up rapidly. And a state good till sunrise time continues.

It seem that a full season came.

WW160m next year is pleasure.

19 November, 2013

Recent 160m

Hi all, many thanks for coming my blog.

160m operation is performed by the latest DX expedition. Although K9W and T33A were able to be heard well, the signal of W8A cannot be heard easily.

I think that it seldom changes to T33 in distance. Since E51NOU was not able to be heard easily, either, is it in the same situation?

Although the signal of Z81X can be heard the toward morning here everyday, there is no chance which it is weak and calls.

Since sunrise time comes in the middle of attendance a weekday, the time zone when a signal goes up becomes under driving of a car.

It seems that 160m condition has also gone up since it got cold.

11 November, 2013

T33A on top band

Hi all, many thanks for coming blog.

160m of T33A operate the beginning of mission from the last evening of here. Although it began to be audible from 0600z time here, a signal is weaker than K9W, and there had QSB.

There was confusion without the operator of T33A being mistaken in operation at first, and becoming a split.

The intense pileup of JA started immediately after the start.

Like K9W, if several days pass, a pileup is also settled and it can QSO easily.

26 October, 2013

Good condition on 160m

Hi all, mnay thanks for coming my blog.
160m condition was good this morning. It will be one day in the good day which exists per year several times.
The signal of F which does not almost have hearing it usually was also able to be heard.  Therefore, the narrow band was being crowded with many stations this morning.
It is UT7QF, RA9UDK, IV3PRK, HA5WA, F5NBU, RA0FF, DK1NO, SV1ELF, RT0F, and YB9Y and HL5IVL that it was audible this morning.

23 October, 2013


Hi all, many thanks for cming my blog.

In 160m last evening, E51AAR was newly QRV. It QRV to 1821khz as same as E51NOU, and it was QSX up1.

Since it began to have heard it after 1200z, the signal was weak and it was already a grad which can be checked somehow.

At last 1100z thinks a best time to QSO with E51. It seems that it is seldomaudible too since there were few stations which call whilehearding it.

I wish to QSO with him.

22 October, 2013

160m this mornig

Hi all, many thanks for coming my blog.

160m was heard although it was a short time this morning also.
In my place, as usual, there are many noises and it is hard to hear them.

JA each station of a frequenter is QRV. Is condition good? Though regrettable, it is not audible in my place.

The signal is wak, although the sun rise, and it became near and was audible at last. The report of 419 was able to heard although it is ES5.

I have to make the antenna only for receiving early.

20 October, 2013


Hi all, many thanks for coming my blog.
E51NOU is QRV from few days before to 160m.  However, his signal cannot be heard easily.
The beat has appeared in the frequency which he QRV exactly. It is a beat without former.
I investigated the cause of generating of the beat.  The decrease of generating was able to be traced somehow or other.  A source is PC which I use.
A beat will also be lost if PC is suspended.  PC was stopped and the signal of E51NOU was looked for last evening.
1821khz was heard from 1030z time.  After a while, CQ can be heard.  The call sign is announcing E51NOU. The signal of E51NOU was able to be checked at last.  However, his signal is accompanied by QSB.  It stops being able to hear at the bottom of QSB.
Few people who can be heard as usual are firing CQ in rapid succession so that there may be.  It called, when the signal was becoming somewhat strong.  several times -- when called, there was a return, but the last was not able to be checked by QSB.
Is QSO materialized?
Although it was well audible till 1130z time, it became weak and stopped being able to hear after that.  It will be set to New ONE if QSO is made.

19 October, 2013

The back is a few.

Hi all, many thanks for coming my blog.
E51NOU QRV to 160m last evening.  Since it was set to New, it was heard desperately. There are not so many people who E51NOU is QRV and who call comparatively.
Though it was regrettable, I did not fully hear.  It was not set to the level which can be checked enough although the signal had gone up on the way.
Although it was heard for about 2 hours, the signal was not able to be gone up and QSO to the last.
I wish to QSO for him that it is new entity on 160m band.

18 October, 2013

After a long time

Hi all many thanks for coming my blog.

The value of SSN saves triple figures as usual. To a low band, it is without being good. HL5IVL was calling CQ on 160m this morning actively.

If it comes to hear his signal frequently, no less than 160m is season in.

It has QSO with the first EU on a season now this morning. The signal has been gone abruptly up and QSO although it was R3XX, and it was a short time.

Since it is EU after a long time, I am glad.

I wish for condition to be good this weekend.

17 October, 2013

Still SSN is high

Hi all, many thanks for coming my blog.
QRV was not made by typhoon passage yesterday morning.  It passes during the morning and the weather recovers a typhoon in the afternoon.  It can QRV now again from the going-home back.
160m was heard this morning also.  It seems that however, SSN is still high and it is not so good.  SSN this morning shows 148.
Only UR8IW was able to be heard although it was heard for a while this morning also.
When does condition go up?

12 October, 2013

DX this morning

Hi all, mnay thanks for coming my blog.
After a long time, I was QRV on this morning on 160m. This morning SSN was 138. Very high value in this morning.
I can think that condition is not so good since SSN is high when it thinks ordinarily. However, It was different a little in fact.
It is R3XX that it was audible first.  His signal was able to be heard well this morning. But regrettably a short time was often able to be heard.
Although IV3PRK of the pilot station was also able to be heard, it was not so strong here. It seems that condition is still unstable.
Both of QSOs were not made.  Finally it was able to QSO with RD0A at last.
The time when every office is heard is short, and there are few chances.  Before QSY to 40 m, the signal of RT0F which calls IV3PRK was able to be heard very well.

05 October, 2013

DX hunting this morning

Hi all, many thanks for coming my blog.
It was begun this morning also to hear 160 m from 430JST. It seems that condition is better this morning than yesterday.
Several stations have been heard if it is heard carefully.  Although the station which is calling the station which can be taken has sent the good report, I do not hear it well.
My report as follows
YL2SM -> 419 with QSB
OE3DIA -> 419 with QSB
UA9MA -> 559 - 579(The best)
Although it seems that TO2TT was also QRV, it was not audible at all. Probably, it was good that the value of Ap-Index fell to 6 this morning.

03 October, 2013

3D2GC/P on 160m

HI all, many thanks for coming my blog.
It goes home, after going to a training gym last evening. If 160m is heard after supper, the fairly powerful signal is heard.
It is not JA from the strength of a signal.
That signal has ups and downs by QSB, it is audible by about 559.  The callsigne is 3D2GC/P and QSX UP1. That time, the band was opend for the North America with Asia. Therefore, some US stations called him on up1.
It seems that however, not only North America but the station in Asia is picked up. I also called on the frequency of 1.01KHz UP.
When called several times, there was a return. Time was 1158Z.

This time zone is good for QSO with a Pacific area.  If late to a slight degree, a day will rise at Azuma of the Pacific Ocean.
160m is heard still now, where cannot be heard this morning.

01 October, 2013

Matching BOX

HI all, mnay thanks for coming my blog.
Since condition was not so good, it maneuvered after a long time.  If it says what was created this time ... It is the matching BOX of MLA.

Although the books which are consulted were seldom found, it made as written to the data found at last.
Does it succeed sure enough?  It does not understand, if it does not do. I think that he wants to make it complete before a full-scale season starts.
OE3XMA was heard well this morning also.  However, it does not arrive.

27 September, 2013

What is a problem.?

Hi all, many thanks for coming my blog.
160m is heard recently, I feel somehow that there are many noises.  What does not understand whether it is a source. Since the attitude of a noise is different 160 m every year, a measure cannot be struck well.
It will also be one of the causes that a new house was built around. If DX comes out in frequency with many noises, it can hardly catch. Since the frequency of a noise moves, it can sometimes be judged as an artificial noise.
The noise had come out near the frequency which is QRV OK7GU this morning also.
Since the office currently called was, I understand, but if independent, it can hardly copy.
A season is also likely to become the battle with a noise now.

25 September, 2013

A north-south path

Hi all, many thanks for coming my blog.
QRV of VK9LL was started.  It seems to be the operat which specialized in 160m/80m band.Since I was QSO with VK9LA in the past, I am not New Entity on 160m band.
However, in order to check condition, it was heard from 1130Z time last evening. Though regrettable, it is the thing  which is QRV, but it is not audible at all.
VK3HJ was QRV at the time. He can understand a CW code here at the peak of QSB.  The signal report of VK3HJ is 319. Since VK3HJ is heard, VK9LL may also be heard.  Why isn't it audible?
Probably, there is still a chance, since it is operat by this weekend.  I hear it tonight also.
By the way, the typhoon is approaching again.  A wind is becoming strong the influence and this morning.  It is wished a typhoon does not make a rapid course change.

22 September, 2013

This morning is also 160m.

Hi all, many thanks for coming my blog.
160 m was heard this morning also.  As compared with yesterday, condition was not good this morning. JA was also seldom QRV this morning.
Although I also heard it, it is hardly audible.  The necessity for a receiving antenna was felt. It seems that the receiving antenna is being used for the station which can often be heard.
One station was still able to be heard before sunrise. That was OE3DIA.  He is QRV these days very actively.
Before sunrise, for several minutes was stabilized very much and was able to be heard. However, it is not long time and was not able to call.
Probably, if it enters in a season, it will be a little better audible.

21 September, 2013

The point of falling

Hi all, many thanks for coming my blog.
When Cluster was checked this morning, 160m condition was good. Many Europe stations were reported.  Moreover, much JA was also QRV after a long time.
However, I hardly hear.
A 160m band has influence of regional difference like 10m. Unless an electric wave falls to its area, it is not audible at all. 
I think that some are different if it has a receiving antenna.  However, since I do not have a receiving antenna, I cannot be heard.
Uniquely, only OK1ATP was able to be heard weakly.
From now on, such a state will continue.  However, since it is never audible, I think that 160m is interesting.
It is not interesting if simply audible.  I think that it is a band good for challenging.

17 September, 2013

160m this morning

Hi all, many thanks for coming my blog.
Outside air temperature fell to 19 degrees this morning.  It is cool.  So 160 m was heard this morning.
The noise level of 160 m this morning is also low, and tends to hear it.  VK4MA was able to be heard first this morning.  He was taking out CQ several times.
I called a few times. However, He was still calling CQ. It did not arrive, although other station called him.
Then, V5/DF2UU has QRV to 1926.5 kHz. QSX on 1822KHz ,It is the information from a cluster. JA of several stations was calling. While hearing it, JA did not have a reply.
But I do not hear V5/DF2UU.
The present, 5;07JST.  It is QSO someone.  He has sent the report of 559.  I do not hear in the value. 
I have been convinced.

Condition is going up.

14 September, 2013


HI all, many thanks for coming my blog.
160m was heard as usual this morning also. SSN is a value which is not so high at 58.  I think that I am for low bands comparatively.
The signal of DX was able to begin to be heard past by 5:00JST in local time on 1824KHz.
Who is on air that?
I heard it carefully.
After several times of GQ, the signal went up and it has checked the call sign.  It was 4X4DK.
The signal was the strongest around 5:15 at local time. It did not arrive, although JA of several stations called. Then, fade-out of the signal has been carried out.
Although it was little-by-little, the signal of DX was able to come to be heard at 160m.

10 September, 2013

It is not audible.

It seems that 3B9EME is QRV in the top band this morning.  Seemingly it is QSX 1810 for JA.
Although I am hearing it, a signal cannot be heard at all.  Nobody is calling JA by 1810.
Probably, it will not be wholly audible.
P.S. At 2025z now and CW was able to begin to be heard now.  But it is not a level which can be copied enough.  It is a grade which understands RST currently sent occasionally.

06 September, 2013

Going up

Hi all, many thanks for coming my blog.
The unstable weather has also been stabilized at last. I heard the top band ar sunset time last night. A noise level is still high. However, it is not as midsummer.
I found the two HL stations. They were taking out CQ DX repeatedly. However, while hearing it, there was no return. I move to another freq. I looking for other DX.
Some signals were found by 1824.5 kHz. It seems that someone is QSO. Who is it?  It was heard for a while.
Oh, I understand. It is VK3ZL. He also very active station on top band. Last night his signal was very clear and stable.I wait to complete his QSO in order to call to him. Though regrettable, he has QSY to after-end somewhere.  I was not able to QSO for him.
This morning, the top band still keep good condition. I was able to find the signal of IV3PRK easily. It signal was not so strong, but it was stable. Usually it signal report was 319 in this season. But today 319 to 429. It is the signal strength which can call him.
I call to him a few time. However, no return from him. It seems that the electric wave here has not arrived.
Condition is autumn type.  From now on, it will be pleasure.

04 September, 2013

Top band situation

Hi all, many thanks for coming my blog.
The top band is heard this morning also following yesterday. The noise level of the top band also fell and it became a situation which is easy to hear it. Did atmospheric interference also decrease?
However, the signal of DX was hardly able to be heard this summer. It will be because the condition of a high band is good.
However, the condition of a top band is also going up gradually. HL5IVL had taken out CQ for a long time this morning.
Since he is very active in a top band, if his signal is heard, the season in of a top band and I will feel. IV3PRK has answered his CQ. Though regrettable, the electric wave of IV3PRK does not fall to here. Therefore, the signal of IV3PRK is very weak.
I think that a top band is a band which has regional difference truly.

03 September, 2013

Not heard

Hi all, many thanks for coming my blog.
The condition of the low band is also good these days.  It seems that operation is started also the top band. I also everyday heard on top band at here is sunrise time.
However, not yet heard enough DX signal. This morninig also, I looking for DX signal on the band. How long looking for it. The weak signal has only been checked. Since it checked on a certain decided frequency, is it probably a signal of IV3PRK?
That frequency was 1822.4KHz
Since there was time, checking of operations of the preselector was carried out.

The blue signal is a noise level in case there is no preselector. A white signal is a noise level when a preselector enters.
The effect of a preselector can be checked.
Furthermore, I adjust and wish to prepare for a season.

24 August, 2013

Heard this morning

Hi all, many thanks for coming my blog.
Please hear all.
This morning here at 1923z, I began to hear that it is usual. It was heard from 160m after a long time this morning. The top band condition isnot enough, the noise level is still high.
However, One JA station call to DX station. but I am not hear where he is calling. I still hear his call freq.
How long did it pass.
The DX station signal going up. I can copy his CW code. The JA station still call with signal report. He send the report is 559. Really, he is very famous and he has wonderful sntenna system. However, he send report was 559. Maybe it will be difficult for me to copy the signal of DX.
After all, a call sign was not able to be copied. But The JA station send his call that it is very lucky. I understand whois on the air.
That DX stations call sign was A65BP. I am very pleased. I can not contact for him. however, I can heard the his signal. Maybe near future, I will be able to contact for him.
I will waiting for the good condition on 160m band.

16 August, 2013

A top band last evening

This week is summer holiday. Therefore, I hear the top band in both time zones of sunrise and sunset every day. The Northern Hemisphere is summer now and the Southern Hemisphere is winter now. When such, a north-south path is predicted to be good.
I show the DX cluster on internet at sunrise and sunset time. Sometimes show the DX spot from US. That spot was VK or ZL with comment. Maybe US station has good receiving antenna that there can detect of weak signal.Though regrettable, I do not have a receiving antenna system. Therefor, similarly I cannot hear it.
Yesterday, I hear the top band at sunset time. Already US station spot the VK station on 1824.6Khz. I hear the that. but I hear the noise only. I can not find it. Where is the VK station? I add the homebrew preselector for my rig. and adjustment receive freq.
How much was it heard? The signal has gone up little by little. Signal report was 319. It is very difficult copy his signal.
However, to the last, a signal did not become strong and it was not able to copy completely.

09 August, 2013

After a long time QSO on 160m

Hi all, thanks for coming my blog.
I came home today when I hear the top band.  Because as same time at 1000z when XV2JJ QRV on 160m yesterday. So I think today also XV2JJ will QRV on the top band.
But it is not QRV today. Unlucky.
However, I still hear the top band before dinner. I found the strong signal on the band. I think, JA station call to CQ DX I think so. But that was RT0F QRV on the band. He was QSO for the VK station. But here was not hear the VK signal. It only RT0F.
After few minutes, their QSO finish and RT0F send QRZ. Then I call to him one time. He return to my call that we start the QSO. I am very glad. because really after a long time QSO on 160m band. Everyday almost heard nly noise. but today I could hear the DX signal. So maybe the condition is change by slowly and littl.
This matter is of importance. I will have to hear the top band everyday.

30 July, 2013

recent top band

Hi all, thanks for coming my blog.

Yesterday, I went back to home. After that I heard the 160m band that it is after a long time. Why I hear the 160m band? Yesterday I read the report of topband ML. That report wrote the recent condition.

At 2000JST, I start listenon top band. The band is very noisy, but the edgeof JA band on 1823 to 1825 is clear. The noise less than other freq.

I looking for DX station. On 1824.5khz, I found the very weak signal. I understood that it is CW code. However, it had QSB with QRN. It was heard for a while.

Regrettably I can not copied callsign. But the band is certainly opened. Almost station think the band is close and no check. However, the true topbander can hear everyday. Therefore their can contact for DX station on all season.

So I will have to watch the topband before good season from it.

16 April, 2013

I got 5W0M yesterday

Hi all. After long time.
Recently, HD2A is very active on top band. JA DXers blog wrote the contact situation for HD2A. Almost DXer said. The best time is there sun rise time. His signal up to there sun rise for short time.

I try to watch there sun rise time. Yesterday also. But he was on air on 30m band. Bad luck.

However, the top band had JA pileup on 1823. Who is on air the band. I looking for target station on the band.

I just found on 1826. It is 5W0M. It is new country on top band,so I join the pileup.

But not yet return to my call. I check the everyone called where the best point? I understand, almost JA station called him under 1823. They move to low freq. I think, almost pepole go to down freq, so I check to no QRM freq for up side. I found the clear point that on 1823.2 is no QRM.

I called clear point for few time. Unbilivable, retuen to my call as soon as possible to call.

I got the 5W0M on top band. It is new one. The DXCC is now 99 entities.

The top band operation started before 5 or 6years ago. Very long distance for 100 entities. Now 99 worked, but not yet 100.

How long I will get the 100 entities. I don't know when I finish.

However, I still try to contact on top band. The 100 or more contact. It is my dream.

So everyone see you on top band.


29 March, 2013

Finished XR0 expedition

The 27th in this week. The XR0YG expedition was finished.

I try to watch the top band for there sunrise time. Some JA DXer can start to watch at here sunset time.

The good antenna has station can hear that signal. Top DXer inform to our JA stations that he said good signal came here with long termed QSB. However can copy return to call.

Really, I can not copy my poor antenna.  I still watch the there sunrise time almost everydays. However, I can copy his signal only one time. That time was very vey weak. But I can not confirmed. It was correct or not. Because very weak with QSB. I can copy only few words.

Mybe that was XR0YG signal, I think so.

This top band serson is almost close. I will prepare receive antenna for until next serson.

This serson is not so good for me.

I wish the next serson will good.

22 March, 2013

Recent top band

Hello top bander.
After 1week, the march is finish. Recently, the top band activity is not so good in JA. Sometimes famouse DXer called CQ. But almost no answer. Maybe the top band activity down in the world.

Now some paciffice DXEXPEDITION still operate. However, there are mainly operating on high bands.

I looking for T2 on top band. But not yet QRV on top band. This T2 DXEXPEDITION is not fix to operate on top band. The first information was TBD on top band operation.

Maybe this time will no opeate on top band. I think so.

However, I still hope to opeate on top band that I watch on the band everyday.

14 March, 2013

Open from the paciffice area.

Last week, the TX5K DX expedition closed. Each the bands was quaiet few days.

However, It started other DX expedition of few places. that operation from the paciffice areas.

The most active operation where from the Splatory Is. Almost everyday can operate on top band. But he said the Splatory Is is very high noise level. so it can difficult copy signal from the DX that  information from there.

Some JA stations called him, but that return to message of QRZ for many time. The noise level is high add info from there.

Another one, it was T88TF. it also active on top band at the night time of UTC.

However, H44G is not yet hear on top band. Another bands is very active and it get make pileup from Europe. When it will QRV on top band? I don't know.

Now more operation will planning of some teams. I will be pleased other operation.

10 March, 2013

9M4SLL is start

 This morning here, The TX5K was QRT on all operation. I was QSO for TX5K at 7th Mar 2013 on 1338Z.

 That time was nearly sun rise time, so that signal had a lot of QSB with QRN. So I can not return to my call. I called many times. The TX5K was return to my call for few times.  After that I got return to my call and confirmed.

 Less that tem minuts I found my call on DXA2. I am very happy.

 This evening, I heard on 160m band. Some JA stations called with UA stations. I small pileup on the band.

 I looking for target station under pileup freq. Just found on 1811.5KHz. Now QRV 9M4SLL from Spratly Island. Sometimes it announced for call stations. There are a lot fo QRN, so very difficult copy callsign from calling stations.

 Almost pepole call on 1812.5KHz to 1812.8KHz. I think, he said. There are very QRN.If call to many station around near freq. Maybe very difficult copy and pickup. So I call to that on 1813KHz.

 How long call to that, I don't understand. However, that send to JE2 JE2... Is taht me? I still call to that. That send to JE2WFF. I stand by then send call. maybe that return to me, but missed call.
 I send again and a little bit slow to key speed and many times send my call.

 After that, that send to cfm JE2UFF, ok copy that. I send to report.

 I can QSO 9M4SLL on 160m today. In this month to next month. Other station will QRV on 160m from Paciffice ocean. It will QRV from H44, H40, T2. T2 will not yet QSO on 160m band. So I wish to QSO on top band from T2.

 I wish pleased that operation on top band.

05 March, 2013


Yeterday night, I heard TX5K signal on top band. It is my first time clipperton Is signal.

That signal was not so strong. It had some QSB. At 20 o'clock here, it could confirmed the signal. Howevr, I lost that signal for QSB bottom. I can not to call for it enough.

I still listen on the 1833khz. At 22 o'clock, signal is up that I can copy easy. Maybe that time was gray line to sun rise. So a little bit times it signal to up.

However, still many JA staions calling TX5K, and pickup to big stations. I am less than standerd station. So still call to it that no return.As same as waiting airplane cancel seat.

I can heard it signal, I will be able to get chance again. Today I will listen on 1833. But today will be able to hear it signal, nobody don't know. Only the god know.

19 February, 2013

V63ZM is on air

 This evening here, I looking for DX on top band. I found two signal on the band. The one is not copy call signe. Maybe some JA station call to North American area station. It is correct or not, I don't know. I can not copy it.

 Another one. on 1824.5Khz. This freq is very QRM here. BC beat or some electric noise genarated on this freq. Very difficult devied for taget signal.

 I can adjustment my transciver functions. I can not enough separate DX signal and beat signal. However, I can copy DX signal. It call sign is V63ZM. I can copy 100%.

 He calling CQ and QSX DWN1. Some JA station call to him, I also call by few times. Retuen to my call from V63ZM.

 Very very lucky, today I can QSO for DX station by short time. No need long wait time.

 Recently 3 days good condition by 1 week. Today meybe good one in this week.

13 February, 2013

In february

After a long time no wrote. In this month, here is early time. The band situation was not so good.

In the week days, I must finish operation at 2130Z.  However, almost open the band is after 2200Z in recent. So I can not hear the DX signal in week day.

This morning here, after a long time I heard DX signals. That was EY8MM and RA5A.

The EY8MM's signal, it was very short time can hear his signal. Only few minutes. He was QRT, I don't know. Anyway he was no signal.

Another one, The RA5A signal was also not stable. But long time open for his place. However, the band condition was unstable, so called JA stations, someone was no return. If retrun from him, but not so good repot. I heard his send report. Our famouse JA station received 559 report. He has good antenna system, but report was no good. I agree, if I call to RA5A, never return to me. Because my antenna is very poor. Less than standard level on 160m.

But I think, the top band QSO is very difficult. So it challenge is fun. I still trying top band DX hunt.

29 January, 2013

In this morning

After WW160m contest. The situation is big different in the band. Last two days, it was good propagation.

I heard a lot of DX stations and contact in the contest. However, the band condition returnd as same as befor contest condition in this morning.

I could watch the band as same time at usual time in this morning. But the band is only noise. I can not founf DX signal. It was very quiet.

I think, a little bit persons can not entry in the contest. That people can QRV on the band. Acutually, the DX stations QRV on the band. I can not hear and not found in this condution.

However, I could enjoyed DX QSO on the contest. I wish to good condition as same last weekend.

28 January, 2013


Yesterday and this morning, I checked top band situation. Because last weekend started WW160m conrest on top band.

This conrest was most famouse contest on top band. Many DX station is entry in this contest. So I will be able to get new one on top band.

However, last week not so good propagation on the band, so I think warry the  band is not open on the conrest. But yesterday, I can heard a lot of stations for Europe. And I found the top band open path time cycle.

Yesterday I stsrted watch the band at 1800Z. That time can hear DX station. At the 1930Z to 2015Z, the DX stations signal went to down. As same as long span QSB. Ofcause, the dx signal can hear, but that was weak.

After 2030Z to 2100Z. The band condition was returnd good situation. Before almost signal was EU-UA. But second open was around Europe area.

This morning also same situation at yesterday.

This two days, I can QSO for many DX stations on the band. However, I can nit got new one on the band. QSO stations as usual stations. But I found the T6LG. The first time, nobody no call to him. I called him for few time,but no return from him. He still calling CQ.

Maybe near future, I will QSO for him. Because I can hear his signal. If never hear, I can not to call him.

Thanks all. See you on the band.

22 January, 2013

Still no good condition

Last week, the top band conditon was not so good. I usually morning time listend on the band. But almost not heard DX signal.

 Sometimes, very active JA station called CQ. But also no return from the DX station. The SSN value was not so high. Recently the SSN value was less than 50. The serson is winter serson now. I think, SSN value was low and winter serson. That is good for low band DXing.

However, acturely no good on top band. This weekend, the CQWW160m contest  will start. But that days condition will good ot not, as same as recent. I don't know.

However, I wish return to good conditon again.

So everyone, see you on the contest.

18 January, 2013

This few days situation

Recent few days. The band condition was not so good. The noise level was low, but DX signal did not come.

In the morning time here, at about 1930Z before sun rise. I watch in the band. I didn't found the DX signal.

The SSN value is under the 100. So I think, it good situation for low band dxing. Actually, I didn't found dx signal and no QSO.

Today is friday. It start weekend. I wish to open on top band and good contact for DX.

15 January, 2013

Very clear on the band

I started watch the top band as same time as usuall in this morning. Yesterday, not so good condition. Almost not heard DX signal. How is today?

Here came down rain yesterday. Almost one day came down rain. So the band noise level is very low. Antistatic noise is erase around here. So band is very cleary.

I listend at 1945Z to 2030Z on the band. Today EU-UA and UR signal is strong and stable here. Unbilivable clear sound. At the first,I call to UR0VR then return to call quickly. I am pleased.

Other RW3PZ, UR5AS, UW5ZO as same. Easy contact today. And finaly before QRT. I found the LZ2WO. He also strong signal come here.

LZ was heard many times. However not yet QSO on the band. I called him few times. Return to my call, but miss copy my call. There are many QRM said him. I call again my call many times. Finaly copy my call. It is my first LZ on top band.

I think, good start today. Maybe luck will come.

14 January, 2013

It is completely different

 The top band condition. Yesterday and today, It is completely different. Yesterday, It was good condition on top band.

 I had to go to golf and was not able to hear it for a long time yesterday. I heard only half hour. But I heard a lot of DX stations signal from Europe.

 There was DL5ZL, OH3XR, EW1DO, UT5ECZ. And  yesterday, 4L5O was on air on the JA band. Usually he was on air outside of JA band. So many JA stations call to 4L5O in yesterday.

 However, today is very quaiet on the band. Usual active stations only called CQ. other nobody no hear.

 At around the 2100Z, T88HK calling CQ. That is very near from Japan. but not to strong signal. I called him few times. however, he can not copy complite my call. I stopped call to him.

 I think, todays condition is no good. maybe I still hear on the band that not get DX stations signal today. I QSY to 40m band at 2130Z.

12 January, 2013

Z38N on LoTW

 Last year, I looking for new one on top band in CQWW CW contest. In 24 Nov night at UTC. I contacted to Z38N.

 Last year, I heard his signal few times in the contest. However, in the contest, It was very QRM on the band. Some case, It can very easy get new one, and other case, very difficult get new one for QRM.

 But last year, I got it. Ofcause the contest was finished, I can make the ADI file from log book. And Upload to LoTW and Grobal QSL service.

 Today, I checked LoTW when I found Z38N call sign in my received QSL list in LoTW.

 Oh nice. I can get new one on top band. Normaly, Z3 entity is very difficult QSL which paper QSL also e-QSL. I can many QSO of Z3 station on all mode and many bands. But almost QSL not yet get from Z3 entity. It was only few. However, today I get it from LoTW.

 I am very very pleased. Thanks Z38N and see you next contest.

11 January, 2013

Recent situation

Hi all

This week, still no good condition on top band at early morning here. That was about at around 1900z to 2000z.

Recently, the sun activity is still high parformance. The SSN value was keep to over 100. The most highest value was anout 200 or more.

I still listen on the band everyday, but not heard DX signals.

The Northern Hemisphere is winter serson now. In normally I can hear a lot of DX signal. However, can not recent.

In this morning here, at path to 2000z. I heard DX signal. It is a after long time into this week.

That call was 4L5O on 1826khz. This freq is iut of JA band. So I made only hear that can not call. But his signal had QSB with local noise. So I can not to keep his signal to long time. After less than 10 minutes, I was losted his signal.

Anotger DX signal, I can not found this morning at before go to work.

  This weekend, can I found DX station on the band? Nobody don't now can or can not. Maybe only the god is know.

08 January, 2013

Nothing can be heard

This mornibg, I listened on top band about half hour. The band condition is no good. The noise flower level higer than yesterday.

A45XR, he is pilote station on this band. I can hear his signal then  understand the band condition situation. Normaly, his signal was stable with strong.

However, today is very weak with QSB. The QSB bottoms, I can found his signal that very difficalt. So much bad condition. Still SSN value over the 180 or more. Almost low band DXing is no good.

On 1823khz, T6LG was on aired. But not copied his signal. Today only one JA station called him. But no answer from him.

07 January, 2013

Still SSN is high

My winter holiday is finish yesterday. I will go to work from today. So I can not to long time watch on top band.

But almost same time start at winter holiday. At 1930Z, turn on my IC-7700 and looking for DX station on the band. However, SSN value is still high level. Maybe not so good low band DXing. Therefore, the band noise level is high.

I found first station is UA0CR. He calling CQ, but nobody return to answer. And another one. It is A45XR. Last year, he is very active on top band. This year also still active. But signal storings is different. A little bit weak in this year. Maybe it receives effect from SSN.

I called him for few time. But there place is still high noise level. My weaked signal can not over there noise level. Ofcause, he can not listen my signal.

Fainaly, T6LG is QRV today. The JA big guns call to him up1. I checked call. I found some very famouse DXer in JA. Their are call to T6LG. Very big pileup. I can hear T6LG signal. Todays signal as same as mosquito sound. Few days ago. Also he was QRV on top band at first time. That time was very strong. As same as BY,HL,BV stations signal.

After 2010Z, the pileup was closed. Maybe T6LG QSY to 80m.

Today, I heard only three DX stations.

06 January, 2013

Today is different from yesterday

 Yesterday I heard T6LG on the top band. I wish to hear again his signal. So I wake up at 1930Z in this morning. I start listening on the top band.

 But, today is different from yesterday. The SSN value is already over the 160 that not so good propagation on the top band.  In the JA band plan is 1810 to 1825Khz. I was sweeped in the band at one time.

 However, I can not found T6LG signal in this morning here. Another DX signal also not found. Recently DX signal was grow up until sun rise. So 2000Z to 2100Z is good time on the top band. But today is different. At 1945Z, I found LY2XW, it not so strong. It signal is weak with QSB. I call to him, but he can not copy 100% my call. I try to few time send to my call. Finaly, he corect copy of my call sign. Ater that, his signal fade out and lost it.

 How long I listend the top band. maybe about 1 hour, DX stations signal was not became strong. Still weak. But I heard stations as follows.


 I called few stations, however almost staion was returnd QRZ? only. I sad, In this year I can not contact much stations.

 But I like this band, so still listen every morning here.

05 January, 2013


 This morning here, I can hear T6 signal on top band. It is T6LG signal. I am first time for hear the T6 signal. So I am pleased.

 It signal peak to 579, very nice tone . I called him up1. However, lot of station called him from Europe and JA. I called about half hour. But no return and signal to down .

 Hard luck, but I can hear his signal. maybe more good condition will come. I will be able to QSO for him in the futer.