29 January, 2013

In this morning

After WW160m contest. The situation is big different in the band. Last two days, it was good propagation.

I heard a lot of DX stations and contact in the contest. However, the band condition returnd as same as befor contest condition in this morning.

I could watch the band as same time at usual time in this morning. But the band is only noise. I can not founf DX signal. It was very quiet.

I think, a little bit persons can not entry in the contest. That people can QRV on the band. Acutually, the DX stations QRV on the band. I can not hear and not found in this condution.

However, I could enjoyed DX QSO on the contest. I wish to good condition as same last weekend.

28 January, 2013


Yesterday and this morning, I checked top band situation. Because last weekend started WW160m conrest on top band.

This conrest was most famouse contest on top band. Many DX station is entry in this contest. So I will be able to get new one on top band.

However, last week not so good propagation on the band, so I think warry the  band is not open on the conrest. But yesterday, I can heard a lot of stations for Europe. And I found the top band open path time cycle.

Yesterday I stsrted watch the band at 1800Z. That time can hear DX station. At the 1930Z to 2015Z, the DX stations signal went to down. As same as long span QSB. Ofcause, the dx signal can hear, but that was weak.

After 2030Z to 2100Z. The band condition was returnd good situation. Before almost signal was EU-UA. But second open was around Europe area.

This morning also same situation at yesterday.

This two days, I can QSO for many DX stations on the band. However, I can nit got new one on the band. QSO stations as usual stations. But I found the T6LG. The first time, nobody no call to him. I called him for few time,but no return from him. He still calling CQ.

Maybe near future, I will QSO for him. Because I can hear his signal. If never hear, I can not to call him.

Thanks all. See you on the band.

22 January, 2013

Still no good condition

Last week, the top band conditon was not so good. I usually morning time listend on the band. But almost not heard DX signal.

 Sometimes, very active JA station called CQ. But also no return from the DX station. The SSN value was not so high. Recently the SSN value was less than 50. The serson is winter serson now. I think, SSN value was low and winter serson. That is good for low band DXing.

However, acturely no good on top band. This weekend, the CQWW160m contest  will start. But that days condition will good ot not, as same as recent. I don't know.

However, I wish return to good conditon again.

So everyone, see you on the contest.

18 January, 2013

This few days situation

Recent few days. The band condition was not so good. The noise level was low, but DX signal did not come.

In the morning time here, at about 1930Z before sun rise. I watch in the band. I didn't found the DX signal.

The SSN value is under the 100. So I think, it good situation for low band dxing. Actually, I didn't found dx signal and no QSO.

Today is friday. It start weekend. I wish to open on top band and good contact for DX.

15 January, 2013

Very clear on the band

I started watch the top band as same time as usuall in this morning. Yesterday, not so good condition. Almost not heard DX signal. How is today?

Here came down rain yesterday. Almost one day came down rain. So the band noise level is very low. Antistatic noise is erase around here. So band is very cleary.

I listend at 1945Z to 2030Z on the band. Today EU-UA and UR signal is strong and stable here. Unbilivable clear sound. At the first,I call to UR0VR then return to call quickly. I am pleased.

Other RW3PZ, UR5AS, UW5ZO as same. Easy contact today. And finaly before QRT. I found the LZ2WO. He also strong signal come here.

LZ was heard many times. However not yet QSO on the band. I called him few times. Return to my call, but miss copy my call. There are many QRM said him. I call again my call many times. Finaly copy my call. It is my first LZ on top band.

I think, good start today. Maybe luck will come.

14 January, 2013

It is completely different

 The top band condition. Yesterday and today, It is completely different. Yesterday, It was good condition on top band.

 I had to go to golf and was not able to hear it for a long time yesterday. I heard only half hour. But I heard a lot of DX stations signal from Europe.

 There was DL5ZL, OH3XR, EW1DO, UT5ECZ. And  yesterday, 4L5O was on air on the JA band. Usually he was on air outside of JA band. So many JA stations call to 4L5O in yesterday.

 However, today is very quaiet on the band. Usual active stations only called CQ. other nobody no hear.

 At around the 2100Z, T88HK calling CQ. That is very near from Japan. but not to strong signal. I called him few times. however, he can not copy complite my call. I stopped call to him.

 I think, todays condition is no good. maybe I still hear on the band that not get DX stations signal today. I QSY to 40m band at 2130Z.

12 January, 2013

Z38N on LoTW

 Last year, I looking for new one on top band in CQWW CW contest. In 24 Nov night at UTC. I contacted to Z38N.

 Last year, I heard his signal few times in the contest. However, in the contest, It was very QRM on the band. Some case, It can very easy get new one, and other case, very difficult get new one for QRM.

 But last year, I got it. Ofcause the contest was finished, I can make the ADI file from log book. And Upload to LoTW and Grobal QSL service.

 Today, I checked LoTW when I found Z38N call sign in my received QSL list in LoTW.

 Oh nice. I can get new one on top band. Normaly, Z3 entity is very difficult QSL which paper QSL also e-QSL. I can many QSO of Z3 station on all mode and many bands. But almost QSL not yet get from Z3 entity. It was only few. However, today I get it from LoTW.

 I am very very pleased. Thanks Z38N and see you next contest.

11 January, 2013

Recent situation

Hi all

This week, still no good condition on top band at early morning here. That was about at around 1900z to 2000z.

Recently, the sun activity is still high parformance. The SSN value was keep to over 100. The most highest value was anout 200 or more.

I still listen on the band everyday, but not heard DX signals.

The Northern Hemisphere is winter serson now. In normally I can hear a lot of DX signal. However, can not recent.

In this morning here, at path to 2000z. I heard DX signal. It is a after long time into this week.

That call was 4L5O on 1826khz. This freq is iut of JA band. So I made only hear that can not call. But his signal had QSB with local noise. So I can not to keep his signal to long time. After less than 10 minutes, I was losted his signal.

Anotger DX signal, I can not found this morning at before go to work.

  This weekend, can I found DX station on the band? Nobody don't now can or can not. Maybe only the god is know.

08 January, 2013

Nothing can be heard

This mornibg, I listened on top band about half hour. The band condition is no good. The noise flower level higer than yesterday.

A45XR, he is pilote station on this band. I can hear his signal then  understand the band condition situation. Normaly, his signal was stable with strong.

However, today is very weak with QSB. The QSB bottoms, I can found his signal that very difficalt. So much bad condition. Still SSN value over the 180 or more. Almost low band DXing is no good.

On 1823khz, T6LG was on aired. But not copied his signal. Today only one JA station called him. But no answer from him.

07 January, 2013

Still SSN is high

My winter holiday is finish yesterday. I will go to work from today. So I can not to long time watch on top band.

But almost same time start at winter holiday. At 1930Z, turn on my IC-7700 and looking for DX station on the band. However, SSN value is still high level. Maybe not so good low band DXing. Therefore, the band noise level is high.

I found first station is UA0CR. He calling CQ, but nobody return to answer. And another one. It is A45XR. Last year, he is very active on top band. This year also still active. But signal storings is different. A little bit weak in this year. Maybe it receives effect from SSN.

I called him for few time. But there place is still high noise level. My weaked signal can not over there noise level. Ofcause, he can not listen my signal.

Fainaly, T6LG is QRV today. The JA big guns call to him up1. I checked call. I found some very famouse DXer in JA. Their are call to T6LG. Very big pileup. I can hear T6LG signal. Todays signal as same as mosquito sound. Few days ago. Also he was QRV on top band at first time. That time was very strong. As same as BY,HL,BV stations signal.

After 2010Z, the pileup was closed. Maybe T6LG QSY to 80m.

Today, I heard only three DX stations.

06 January, 2013

Today is different from yesterday

 Yesterday I heard T6LG on the top band. I wish to hear again his signal. So I wake up at 1930Z in this morning. I start listening on the top band.

 But, today is different from yesterday. The SSN value is already over the 160 that not so good propagation on the top band.  In the JA band plan is 1810 to 1825Khz. I was sweeped in the band at one time.

 However, I can not found T6LG signal in this morning here. Another DX signal also not found. Recently DX signal was grow up until sun rise. So 2000Z to 2100Z is good time on the top band. But today is different. At 1945Z, I found LY2XW, it not so strong. It signal is weak with QSB. I call to him, but he can not copy 100% my call. I try to few time send to my call. Finaly, he corect copy of my call sign. Ater that, his signal fade out and lost it.

 How long I listend the top band. maybe about 1 hour, DX stations signal was not became strong. Still weak. But I heard stations as follows.


 I called few stations, however almost staion was returnd QRZ? only. I sad, In this year I can not contact much stations.

 But I like this band, so still listen every morning here.

05 January, 2013


 This morning here, I can hear T6 signal on top band. It is T6LG signal. I am first time for hear the T6 signal. So I am pleased.

 It signal peak to 579, very nice tone . I called him up1. However, lot of station called him from Europe and JA. I called about half hour. But no return and signal to down .

 Hard luck, but I can hear his signal. maybe more good condition will come. I will be able to QSO for him in the futer.