14 January, 2013

It is completely different

 The top band condition. Yesterday and today, It is completely different. Yesterday, It was good condition on top band.

 I had to go to golf and was not able to hear it for a long time yesterday. I heard only half hour. But I heard a lot of DX stations signal from Europe.

 There was DL5ZL, OH3XR, EW1DO, UT5ECZ. And  yesterday, 4L5O was on air on the JA band. Usually he was on air outside of JA band. So many JA stations call to 4L5O in yesterday.

 However, today is very quaiet on the band. Usual active stations only called CQ. other nobody no hear.

 At around the 2100Z, T88HK calling CQ. That is very near from Japan. but not to strong signal. I called him few times. however, he can not copy complite my call. I stopped call to him.

 I think, todays condition is no good. maybe I still hear on the band that not get DX stations signal today. I QSY to 40m band at 2130Z.

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