11 January, 2013

Recent situation

Hi all

This week, still no good condition on top band at early morning here. That was about at around 1900z to 2000z.

Recently, the sun activity is still high parformance. The SSN value was keep to over 100. The most highest value was anout 200 or more.

I still listen on the band everyday, but not heard DX signals.

The Northern Hemisphere is winter serson now. In normally I can hear a lot of DX signal. However, can not recent.

In this morning here, at path to 2000z. I heard DX signal. It is a after long time into this week.

That call was 4L5O on 1826khz. This freq is iut of JA band. So I made only hear that can not call. But his signal had QSB with local noise. So I can not to keep his signal to long time. After less than 10 minutes, I was losted his signal.

Anotger DX signal, I can not found this morning at before go to work.

  This weekend, can I found DX station on the band? Nobody don't now can or can not. Maybe only the god is know.

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