07 January, 2013

Still SSN is high

My winter holiday is finish yesterday. I will go to work from today. So I can not to long time watch on top band.

But almost same time start at winter holiday. At 1930Z, turn on my IC-7700 and looking for DX station on the band. However, SSN value is still high level. Maybe not so good low band DXing. Therefore, the band noise level is high.

I found first station is UA0CR. He calling CQ, but nobody return to answer. And another one. It is A45XR. Last year, he is very active on top band. This year also still active. But signal storings is different. A little bit weak in this year. Maybe it receives effect from SSN.

I called him for few time. But there place is still high noise level. My weaked signal can not over there noise level. Ofcause, he can not listen my signal.

Fainaly, T6LG is QRV today. The JA big guns call to him up1. I checked call. I found some very famouse DXer in JA. Their are call to T6LG. Very big pileup. I can hear T6LG signal. Todays signal as same as mosquito sound. Few days ago. Also he was QRV on top band at first time. That time was very strong. As same as BY,HL,BV stations signal.

After 2010Z, the pileup was closed. Maybe T6LG QSY to 80m.

Today, I heard only three DX stations.

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