06 January, 2013

Today is different from yesterday

 Yesterday I heard T6LG on the top band. I wish to hear again his signal. So I wake up at 1930Z in this morning. I start listening on the top band.

 But, today is different from yesterday. The SSN value is already over the 160 that not so good propagation on the top band.  In the JA band plan is 1810 to 1825Khz. I was sweeped in the band at one time.

 However, I can not found T6LG signal in this morning here. Another DX signal also not found. Recently DX signal was grow up until sun rise. So 2000Z to 2100Z is good time on the top band. But today is different. At 1945Z, I found LY2XW, it not so strong. It signal is weak with QSB. I call to him, but he can not copy 100% my call. I try to few time send to my call. Finaly, he corect copy of my call sign. Ater that, his signal fade out and lost it.

 How long I listend the top band. maybe about 1 hour, DX stations signal was not became strong. Still weak. But I heard stations as follows.


 I called few stations, however almost staion was returnd QRZ? only. I sad, In this year I can not contact much stations.

 But I like this band, so still listen every morning here.

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