15 January, 2013

Very clear on the band

I started watch the top band as same time as usuall in this morning. Yesterday, not so good condition. Almost not heard DX signal. How is today?

Here came down rain yesterday. Almost one day came down rain. So the band noise level is very low. Antistatic noise is erase around here. So band is very cleary.

I listend at 1945Z to 2030Z on the band. Today EU-UA and UR signal is strong and stable here. Unbilivable clear sound. At the first,I call to UR0VR then return to call quickly. I am pleased.

Other RW3PZ, UR5AS, UW5ZO as same. Easy contact today. And finaly before QRT. I found the LZ2WO. He also strong signal come here.

LZ was heard many times. However not yet QSO on the band. I called him few times. Return to my call, but miss copy my call. There are many QRM said him. I call again my call many times. Finaly copy my call. It is my first LZ on top band.

I think, good start today. Maybe luck will come.

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