28 January, 2013


Yesterday and this morning, I checked top band situation. Because last weekend started WW160m conrest on top band.

This conrest was most famouse contest on top band. Many DX station is entry in this contest. So I will be able to get new one on top band.

However, last week not so good propagation on the band, so I think warry the  band is not open on the conrest. But yesterday, I can heard a lot of stations for Europe. And I found the top band open path time cycle.

Yesterday I stsrted watch the band at 1800Z. That time can hear DX station. At the 1930Z to 2015Z, the DX stations signal went to down. As same as long span QSB. Ofcause, the dx signal can hear, but that was weak.

After 2030Z to 2100Z. The band condition was returnd good situation. Before almost signal was EU-UA. But second open was around Europe area.

This morning also same situation at yesterday.

This two days, I can QSO for many DX stations on the band. However, I can nit got new one on the band. QSO stations as usual stations. But I found the T6LG. The first time, nobody no call to him. I called him for few time,but no return from him. He still calling CQ.

Maybe near future, I will QSO for him. Because I can hear his signal. If never hear, I can not to call him.

Thanks all. See you on the band.

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