12 January, 2013

Z38N on LoTW

 Last year, I looking for new one on top band in CQWW CW contest. In 24 Nov night at UTC. I contacted to Z38N.

 Last year, I heard his signal few times in the contest. However, in the contest, It was very QRM on the band. Some case, It can very easy get new one, and other case, very difficult get new one for QRM.

 But last year, I got it. Ofcause the contest was finished, I can make the ADI file from log book. And Upload to LoTW and Grobal QSL service.

 Today, I checked LoTW when I found Z38N call sign in my received QSL list in LoTW.

 Oh nice. I can get new one on top band. Normaly, Z3 entity is very difficult QSL which paper QSL also e-QSL. I can many QSO of Z3 station on all mode and many bands. But almost QSL not yet get from Z3 entity. It was only few. However, today I get it from LoTW.

 I am very very pleased. Thanks Z38N and see you next contest.

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