19 February, 2013

V63ZM is on air

 This evening here, I looking for DX on top band. I found two signal on the band. The one is not copy call signe. Maybe some JA station call to North American area station. It is correct or not, I don't know. I can not copy it.

 Another one. on 1824.5Khz. This freq is very QRM here. BC beat or some electric noise genarated on this freq. Very difficult devied for taget signal.

 I can adjustment my transciver functions. I can not enough separate DX signal and beat signal. However, I can copy DX signal. It call sign is V63ZM. I can copy 100%.

 He calling CQ and QSX DWN1. Some JA station call to him, I also call by few times. Retuen to my call from V63ZM.

 Very very lucky, today I can QSO for DX station by short time. No need long wait time.

 Recently 3 days good condition by 1 week. Today meybe good one in this week.

13 February, 2013

In february

After a long time no wrote. In this month, here is early time. The band situation was not so good.

In the week days, I must finish operation at 2130Z.  However, almost open the band is after 2200Z in recent. So I can not hear the DX signal in week day.

This morning here, after a long time I heard DX signals. That was EY8MM and RA5A.

The EY8MM's signal, it was very short time can hear his signal. Only few minutes. He was QRT, I don't know. Anyway he was no signal.

Another one, The RA5A signal was also not stable. But long time open for his place. However, the band condition was unstable, so called JA stations, someone was no return. If retrun from him, but not so good repot. I heard his send report. Our famouse JA station received 559 report. He has good antenna system, but report was no good. I agree, if I call to RA5A, never return to me. Because my antenna is very poor. Less than standard level on 160m.

But I think, the top band QSO is very difficult. So it challenge is fun. I still trying top band DX hunt.