19 February, 2013

V63ZM is on air

 This evening here, I looking for DX on top band. I found two signal on the band. The one is not copy call signe. Maybe some JA station call to North American area station. It is correct or not, I don't know. I can not copy it.

 Another one. on 1824.5Khz. This freq is very QRM here. BC beat or some electric noise genarated on this freq. Very difficult devied for taget signal.

 I can adjustment my transciver functions. I can not enough separate DX signal and beat signal. However, I can copy DX signal. It call sign is V63ZM. I can copy 100%.

 He calling CQ and QSX DWN1. Some JA station call to him, I also call by few times. Retuen to my call from V63ZM.

 Very very lucky, today I can QSO for DX station by short time. No need long wait time.

 Recently 3 days good condition by 1 week. Today meybe good one in this week.

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