29 March, 2013

Finished XR0 expedition

The 27th in this week. The XR0YG expedition was finished.

I try to watch the top band for there sunrise time. Some JA DXer can start to watch at here sunset time.

The good antenna has station can hear that signal. Top DXer inform to our JA stations that he said good signal came here with long termed QSB. However can copy return to call.

Really, I can not copy my poor antenna.  I still watch the there sunrise time almost everydays. However, I can copy his signal only one time. That time was very vey weak. But I can not confirmed. It was correct or not. Because very weak with QSB. I can copy only few words.

Mybe that was XR0YG signal, I think so.

This top band serson is almost close. I will prepare receive antenna for until next serson.

This serson is not so good for me.

I wish the next serson will good.

22 March, 2013

Recent top band

Hello top bander.
After 1week, the march is finish. Recently, the top band activity is not so good in JA. Sometimes famouse DXer called CQ. But almost no answer. Maybe the top band activity down in the world.

Now some paciffice DXEXPEDITION still operate. However, there are mainly operating on high bands.

I looking for T2 on top band. But not yet QRV on top band. This T2 DXEXPEDITION is not fix to operate on top band. The first information was TBD on top band operation.

Maybe this time will no opeate on top band. I think so.

However, I still hope to opeate on top band that I watch on the band everyday.

14 March, 2013

Open from the paciffice area.

Last week, the TX5K DX expedition closed. Each the bands was quaiet few days.

However, It started other DX expedition of few places. that operation from the paciffice areas.

The most active operation where from the Splatory Is. Almost everyday can operate on top band. But he said the Splatory Is is very high noise level. so it can difficult copy signal from the DX that  information from there.

Some JA stations called him, but that return to message of QRZ for many time. The noise level is high add info from there.

Another one, it was T88TF. it also active on top band at the night time of UTC.

However, H44G is not yet hear on top band. Another bands is very active and it get make pileup from Europe. When it will QRV on top band? I don't know.

Now more operation will planning of some teams. I will be pleased other operation.

10 March, 2013

9M4SLL is start

 This morning here, The TX5K was QRT on all operation. I was QSO for TX5K at 7th Mar 2013 on 1338Z.

 That time was nearly sun rise time, so that signal had a lot of QSB with QRN. So I can not return to my call. I called many times. The TX5K was return to my call for few times.  After that I got return to my call and confirmed.

 Less that tem minuts I found my call on DXA2. I am very happy.

 This evening, I heard on 160m band. Some JA stations called with UA stations. I small pileup on the band.

 I looking for target station under pileup freq. Just found on 1811.5KHz. Now QRV 9M4SLL from Spratly Island. Sometimes it announced for call stations. There are a lot fo QRN, so very difficult copy callsign from calling stations.

 Almost pepole call on 1812.5KHz to 1812.8KHz. I think, he said. There are very QRN.If call to many station around near freq. Maybe very difficult copy and pickup. So I call to that on 1813KHz.

 How long call to that, I don't understand. However, that send to JE2 JE2... Is taht me? I still call to that. That send to JE2WFF. I stand by then send call. maybe that return to me, but missed call.
 I send again and a little bit slow to key speed and many times send my call.

 After that, that send to cfm JE2UFF, ok copy that. I send to report.

 I can QSO 9M4SLL on 160m today. In this month to next month. Other station will QRV on 160m from Paciffice ocean. It will QRV from H44, H40, T2. T2 will not yet QSO on 160m band. So I wish to QSO on top band from T2.

 I wish pleased that operation on top band.

05 March, 2013


Yeterday night, I heard TX5K signal on top band. It is my first time clipperton Is signal.

That signal was not so strong. It had some QSB. At 20 o'clock here, it could confirmed the signal. Howevr, I lost that signal for QSB bottom. I can not to call for it enough.

I still listen on the 1833khz. At 22 o'clock, signal is up that I can copy easy. Maybe that time was gray line to sun rise. So a little bit times it signal to up.

However, still many JA staions calling TX5K, and pickup to big stations. I am less than standerd station. So still call to it that no return.As same as waiting airplane cancel seat.

I can heard it signal, I will be able to get chance again. Today I will listen on 1833. But today will be able to hear it signal, nobody don't know. Only the god know.