29 March, 2013

Finished XR0 expedition

The 27th in this week. The XR0YG expedition was finished.

I try to watch the top band for there sunrise time. Some JA DXer can start to watch at here sunset time.

The good antenna has station can hear that signal. Top DXer inform to our JA stations that he said good signal came here with long termed QSB. However can copy return to call.

Really, I can not copy my poor antenna.  I still watch the there sunrise time almost everydays. However, I can copy his signal only one time. That time was very vey weak. But I can not confirmed. It was correct or not. Because very weak with QSB. I can copy only few words.

Mybe that was XR0YG signal, I think so.

This top band serson is almost close. I will prepare receive antenna for until next serson.

This serson is not so good for me.

I wish the next serson will good.

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