14 March, 2013

Open from the paciffice area.

Last week, the TX5K DX expedition closed. Each the bands was quaiet few days.

However, It started other DX expedition of few places. that operation from the paciffice areas.

The most active operation where from the Splatory Is. Almost everyday can operate on top band. But he said the Splatory Is is very high noise level. so it can difficult copy signal from the DX that  information from there.

Some JA stations called him, but that return to message of QRZ for many time. The noise level is high add info from there.

Another one, it was T88TF. it also active on top band at the night time of UTC.

However, H44G is not yet hear on top band. Another bands is very active and it get make pileup from Europe. When it will QRV on top band? I don't know.

Now more operation will planning of some teams. I will be pleased other operation.

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