05 March, 2013


Yeterday night, I heard TX5K signal on top band. It is my first time clipperton Is signal.

That signal was not so strong. It had some QSB. At 20 o'clock here, it could confirmed the signal. Howevr, I lost that signal for QSB bottom. I can not to call for it enough.

I still listen on the 1833khz. At 22 o'clock, signal is up that I can copy easy. Maybe that time was gray line to sun rise. So a little bit times it signal to up.

However, still many JA staions calling TX5K, and pickup to big stations. I am less than standerd station. So still call to it that no return.As same as waiting airplane cancel seat.

I can heard it signal, I will be able to get chance again. Today I will listen on 1833. But today will be able to hear it signal, nobody don't know. Only the god know.

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