16 April, 2013

I got 5W0M yesterday

Hi all. After long time.
Recently, HD2A is very active on top band. JA DXers blog wrote the contact situation for HD2A. Almost DXer said. The best time is there sun rise time. His signal up to there sun rise for short time.

I try to watch there sun rise time. Yesterday also. But he was on air on 30m band. Bad luck.

However, the top band had JA pileup on 1823. Who is on air the band. I looking for target station on the band.

I just found on 1826. It is 5W0M. It is new country on top band,so I join the pileup.

But not yet return to my call. I check the everyone called where the best point? I understand, almost JA station called him under 1823. They move to low freq. I think, almost pepole go to down freq, so I check to no QRM freq for up side. I found the clear point that on 1823.2 is no QRM.

I called clear point for few time. Unbilivable, retuen to my call as soon as possible to call.

I got the 5W0M on top band. It is new one. The DXCC is now 99 entities.

The top band operation started before 5 or 6years ago. Very long distance for 100 entities. Now 99 worked, but not yet 100.

How long I will get the 100 entities. I don't know when I finish.

However, I still try to contact on top band. The 100 or more contact. It is my dream.

So everyone see you on top band.