30 July, 2013

recent top band

Hi all, thanks for coming my blog.

Yesterday, I went back to home. After that I heard the 160m band that it is after a long time. Why I hear the 160m band? Yesterday I read the report of topband ML. That report wrote the recent condition.

At 2000JST, I start listenon top band. The band is very noisy, but the edgeof JA band on 1823 to 1825 is clear. The noise less than other freq.

I looking for DX station. On 1824.5khz, I found the very weak signal. I understood that it is CW code. However, it had QSB with QRN. It was heard for a while.

Regrettably I can not copied callsign. But the band is certainly opened. Almost station think the band is close and no check. However, the true topbander can hear everyday. Therefore their can contact for DX station on all season.

So I will have to watch the topband before good season from it.

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