09 August, 2013

After a long time QSO on 160m

Hi all, thanks for coming my blog.
I came home today when I hear the top band.  Because as same time at 1000z when XV2JJ QRV on 160m yesterday. So I think today also XV2JJ will QRV on the top band.
But it is not QRV today. Unlucky.
However, I still hear the top band before dinner. I found the strong signal on the band. I think, JA station call to CQ DX I think so. But that was RT0F QRV on the band. He was QSO for the VK station. But here was not hear the VK signal. It only RT0F.
After few minutes, their QSO finish and RT0F send QRZ. Then I call to him one time. He return to my call that we start the QSO. I am very glad. because really after a long time QSO on 160m band. Everyday almost heard nly noise. but today I could hear the DX signal. So maybe the condition is change by slowly and littl.
This matter is of importance. I will have to hear the top band everyday.

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